January 20th, 2011 at 2:30 AM ^

the combination of the recent drinking binge resulting from the coaching change and the recent recruiting debacles in concurrence with the utterance of the name GERG could very well have just killed me!  All kidding aside I hope I never again should have to hear his name spoken out loud.....maybe we can go a little He Who Shall Not be Named?


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But Belichick had a bad gameplan from the start. Where were all their multi-WR sets? Where was the shotgun? If you are going to call plays that require a lot of time why don't you leave a RB or a TE in to chip especially when your overrated OL is getting owned. That game reminded me of the Oregon/Auburn game where Chip Kelly did stuff just to do it. You don't have to try to outsmart the other coach just because you think he knows what you are going to do. I know the Jets played a better game defensively but you can't tell me that nothing from the first game at Foxboro would have worked. They came out with somethign completely different and did not adjust.

Number 7

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There was room to run it (as they did in the 4th quarter drive that took 7 minutes and got no points after it stalled -- after they started passing).  The Jets LBs were not playing the run, choosing instead to focus on jamming the TEs and mucking up the crossing routes.  BenJarvis coulda, shoulda been the difference-maker, with play actions playing a bigger and bigger role in the second half.


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I'd have surgery too if I had the below to take care of me:

(Sorry if NSFW but, technically, this is considered a work of art, photograph of a well-known photographer.)