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From the FAQ:

What should I title my threads?

Please make your thread titles as informative as possible: "Justin Feagin" is bad. "Justin Feagin leaving the team?" is good.

Why did my post get deleted/edited?

Getting personal on college athletes usually results in a deletion, and virtually always when it's a Michigan player in question. Threads that invite flaming also get deleted. Threads with misleading titles designed to scare the crap out of readers before they click will either be deleted or edited so that their titles reflect their contents.

And now you're just being an asshole about it. There's an "edit" button. Maybe instead of being "sorry", you should use it. Before a mod does.


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This reminds me of The Office episode when Michael hits Meredith in the parking lot and tells the office that they did everything they could and she's...going to be just fine.


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Its amazing how quick things get reported.

a neighbor says Tom looked shaken up....2 seconds later adam schefter is on sportscenter saying he was shakin up.

He'll be fine

st barth

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I'm kind of surprised to hear that not only is Tom Brady driving his own car, but that he doesn't have a police escort protecting him.  He is a very important person.


September 9th, 2010 at 12:38 PM ^

He is a very wealthy person, and very important to a sports team. Should something happen to him, or any sports star, the next best guy will step in and life will continue.

I mean, I love sports. I LIVE football. But seriously? A police escort? Brady isn't the Pope, here.


September 9th, 2010 at 12:59 PM ^

I threw up a bad title and got it edited recently. It happens. It is definitely no big thing. Keep posting and starting threads and alter the subject based on your experience the next time you do.

  I think it looks fine. If I am in a hurry, I got the whole story without even clicking on it.  But I can see the point of the people who thought it wasn't the best.  I think you are both right and thanks for the info. I rushed out the door today and didn't hear about it.

Look out for him this year.  That defense isn't any good, so they'll have to put up points.  Scary.