Tom Brady MVP? OchoCinco to NE

Submitted by 74polSKA on July 29th, 2011 at 8:42 AM

Let me say from the start that I'm not not a huge fan of everything #85 does, but I think he can still bring it on the field when he wants and he's not that bad of a locker room guy in the right situation.  I think he may have just landed in that situation - see Randy Moss in 2007.

The upside IMO is shown clearly in Tom Brady's stats from that first year with Moss.  4,806 yards, 50 td, 8 int, 68.9 completion percentage.  I know that #85 is not the same player as Moss and all the variables aren't equal, but I'm excited for Brady to have a target like this at his disposal, even if he's just a decoy.  Here's hoping for a huge year for our former QB and future HOF member.

Edit:  I've had several comments on the OchoCrappo part of the subject so I'll explain.  I did that out of habit because that is what the Bengals fans I work with call him.  I don't want that to be the focus of comments so I've changed the subject.  Sorry for any perceived arrogance on my part. 



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Yeah, the Patriots are one of the easiest teams to hate. The media's fawning over Bellicheck's supposed genius, brady's hair and love life, the horrible Boston sports fan thing. Like any successful team, they're in the public so much that people feel overwhelmed by info about them, and that leads to dislike.

Now the Jaguars, there's a team that's hard to hate.


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OchoCrappo? I'm assuming you are one of his peers, because it would be the height of idiocy for a fan who can't cover him or produce his numbers to speak of him that way.


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Seeing "Ochocrappo" made me laugh.  The problem is that you then tell us how good he is, and note that he can help Brady's stats.  Do you remember English Comp 101, especially the part where they tell you to match the title to the content?  


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Look, the guy is not exactly a model citizen.  He's left a few women and children in his wake. Damn good football player, gawd awful husband and father. 

Now, I hope he has a great year and the Pats win the Super Bowl.


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It would be easier to do if it were not for Chad's desire to display his personal laundry all over the television on days that are not Sundays in the Fall.  Just an observation.  I really don't care what the guy does in his personal or professional life.  I do feel for his kids from his first marriage though.  He literally said on TV that between his training, tv shows, and other endeavors he has no time for them and they should just understand.  I've heard he is trying to change.  Hopefully he does.