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During the game yesterday, they had a HOF running back (can't recall who) that spoke in a prerecorded "congratulations" message for Brady hitting 1,000 yards.  He said: "I remember having a 1,000 yard season.  Tom's average is, what, 50 yards a season?!?!"  Couple other guys made light of the "achievement" during the prerecorded message. 


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The NFL does not count sack yardage as negative rush yards, it subtracts the sack loss from "team passing," which is why total team passing yards is usually less than the passing yards for that team's QB.

IMHO, it's a better statistical policy. If you're calling it a pass attempt (which you are, otherwise it's not a sack), then a loss incurred while attempting to pass should come off the passing stats.


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Although I agree with what you're saying from a type of play standpoint (a defense's yack yardage shouldn't have anything to do with their run defense), but from the rules of football, a play is considered a running play until the QB throws the football forward.  If he never does (like in a sack), the play is, by definition, a run play.   

rob f

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In light of this superb statistical milestone, isn't it about time to start a campaign to award a retroactive Heisman for Tom Terrific?


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I'm not sure there's anyone better at the quarterback sneak than Brady. That's a skill that has served the Patriots well.

Kneels are negative yardage, but sack yardage, unlike in college ball, is its own category and counted against net passing yardage (but not gross passing yardage, which is what is reported for quarterbacking stats).

Sometimes it's a judgment call whether a quarterback is making a rushing attempt or getting sacked. You even see the occasional 0-yard sack. Usually, the determination is whether the quarterback gets out of the tackle box and is moving forward, but there are qb draws to consider as well.