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Submitted by Geaux_Blue on April 30th, 2011 at 8:15 PM
I don't have much ire for players who leave or rival fans/alumni... But for Boren, a post is warranted. He regressed while leaving in a classless manner.

OG who was described as a "Major" loss for Michigan, who faced increasing doubts of laziness and unnecessary weight gain, had a lackluster Buckeye career and went undrafted. While Schilling stuck around and undoubtedly learned everyone divorces and that family is just a genetic misfortune, Justin escaped into the virtuous arms of Columbus, where he undoubtedly learned about virtue, love and loyalty. And honesty.

Congrats on your future in plowing - you made an ass of yourself on the way out but, hey, put an Eff Herbstreit bumpersticker on the plow and business will increase 300%.



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Is Schilling the guy you're referring to as less athletically gifted?  Remember - Schilling was the 5 star, while Boren was a 4 star.  A high 4 star I believe, but Schilling was the higher rated prospect.

EDIT:  Rivals had Schilling as the #26 overall player nationally, while Boren was #64. 

DOUBLE EDIT:  That made Schilling the second highest rated recruit in that class, behind BG.  Carlos Brown was #3 and Mouton was #4.  For those who doubt the recruiting rankings, that's pretty dead on.


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He's acting like Boren is some heinous monster for leaving us, trashing Rich Rod, going to OSU, whatever, plus he's acting like we're vindicated because Boren wasn't drafted, even though his team has kicked our ass while he was there. Gloating over Boren would be immature if it wasn't so asinine. I just wanted to use that line.


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SI has Martell Web rated higher than Boren.  FU boren.  so glad he did not get drafted.  SI says "Boren looked like a top center prospect as a sophomore with Michigan then showed signs of potential at guard after transferring to Ohio State. He comes off a very disappointing senior campaign and is likely to fall out of the draft."


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At least he already has a job lined up in the mean time plowing snow and mowing lawns for the old man.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.  And by "nicer" I mean "Douchebaggier."

Eye of the Tiger

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Lies the fact that we really could have used this guy back in 2008 and 2009.  

Leaving your team at its low-point, when it needs you most, and for its archrival...while throwing haymakers at the new coach as you close the  




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What I don't understand is when he was here he seemed to have some promise as a good player, and got playing time as a freshman(not sure if he redshirted, I assume he did because OL).  He also seemed to get praise from practice at OSU while he was forced to sit out due to transfering.  So does he have the abilities to be good in college but not in the NFL, did his character lower his draft status, or does OSU just do a terrible job coaching their OL?

I recall a few really good Oline classes for OSU and there seems to be very little NFL calliber talent from those groups 5 years later.

Eye of the Tiger

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NFL offensive lines are generally taller than in the NCAA and have to demonstrate much more versatile skillsets.  

Boren was a solid, if unspectacular guard for OSU.

He's shorter than average for an NFL offensive lineman.  

He apparently has some trouble in pass protection against athletic defensive linemen.

And, here's my favorite part:

"Plays angry on the field but his mental makeup is in question after a transfer from Michigan."

That is indeed good reason for questioning someone's mental makeup.  





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Maybe Mr. Plow will make an NFL team as a free agent.  As others have noted, starting on the OSU O-line (excepting, perhaps, that Florida game) for three years isn't too shabby.

What I like best about this result, though, is that we might finally be done hearing/reading "Justin Boren, who transferred from Michigan after Rich Rodriguez was hired as coach BLAH BLAH BLAH ..."

no joke its hoke

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as he goes on to become the greatest donut eater in history. Donut eaters around the world will hail him as king of the donut. None of us will ever be able to match sucks a feat.