Today is the day....Maybe

Submitted by Ohioblueblood on August 12th, 2011 at 9:06 AM

So we've finally come to the day where the buckheads have to go before the committee to see what the punishment will be for the "self-reported" violations. I have a feeling were not gonna see much happen today and all that second letter and talk about another investigation ensures me that today will just be another fail on the committees part....



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Like the final Seinfeld episode, where they bring back all the characters that the crew had screwed over at some point to testify about their lack of humanity....

Bring back Clarret, Troy Smith, Pryor, etc...


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Unless J.T. goes batshit and spills the beans or TP makes an appearance driving a Lexus, we’ll have to wait a couple of months(still good). Now IF “Ellis” and a new NOA comes to light…  


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< blockquote>The most recent spate of violations at Ohio State overlapped with probation remaining from when the men's basketball program committed major violations under then-coach Jim O'Brien in 2004. That makes Ohio State a so-called repeat violator and could affect the school's treatment by the NCAA.9</blockquote>

We already knew this but seeing it typed just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over

D.C. Dave

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There will be no resolution today and the NCAA will say little to nothing. But these hearings can offer a hint as to whether the school's proposed penalties will be accepted by the NCAA or augmented. If a grueling, six-hour hearing unfolds, that's not good for Ohio. It can mean the NCAA is challenging the school's findings.

I say the NCAA will apply an additional penalty, most likely loss of scholarships but unlikely to include a bowl ban. If there is a bowl ban, would only be one year. But loss of scholarships is quite a punishment and will have a major impact on the Buckeyes for 3-4 years. And it's what they deserve since Tressel was obviously cheating from the moment he arrived and all the talk in the early days that Maurice Clarett was crazy may have been true, but he wasn't lying about all the extra benefits he got. If the NCAA had been looking the whole time, the Buckeyes aleady would have been stripped of their ill-gotten national title and a number of players, including guys like Santonio Holmes, would have had their careers cut short because they were getting paid by agents and others.

No matter how this goes, Ohio is getting off easy compared to what they did. They're getting punished for trading memorabilia for tattoos, and possibly some cash deals and favorable car arrangements. Compared to the blatant cheating that holier-than-thou Jimmy Swaggart Tressel condoned, and even participated in, over 10 years, most Ohio fans would tell you it was worth it for the wins.





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On the possibility that the NCAA levies additional punishment:

"I'll be shocked and disappointed and on the offensive," Smith told The Associated Press. "It'll be behavior you haven't witnessed."


What the heck does that mean? He's going to climb a clocktower with a high powered rifle? He's going to burn the school to the ground? He'll call the NCAA officials dirty names? Non stop crank calls?

The athletic director of one of the largest and most successful college athletics programs in the nation basically just told the press that if you fuck with him, he'll go crazy, so you'd better not fuck with him.


True Blue Grit

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Smith has to be the Mouth of OSU Arrogance.  The fact that TSIO has tolerated his unprofessional public behavior speaks volumes about who really rules the roost in Columbus.  I hope the NCAA is not amused by Smith's display of arrogance in this case.  And I'm incredibly thankful every day knowing we have someone like David Brandon vs. a complete ashat like Smith in charge. 


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I guess when Gordon Gee said he hoped Tressel wouldn't fire him, he wasn't joking—he was being dead serious.

The NCAA is the weak, cowardly, trembling middle-school teacher who's afraid to confront the trouble-makers in his class because he fears they'll slash the tires on his Sunbird. So instead he periodically makes a big show of disciplining some harmless, play-by-the-rules kid for the huge sin of using a ballpoint instead of a #2 pencil on a test.

Mr Miggle

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They can threaten to form an "outlaw" super-conference. No holds barred recruiting, extra benefits, no academic requirements etc. Of course it'll all be couched in language about how unfair the NCAA is to student athletes. Here they'll provide a true minor league equivalent while still giving players a chance to go to school. It might scare somebody at the NCAA.


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He's basically ordering the NCAA to not levy any additional charges or he'll get really mad.

Since all indications are that the NCAA is going to withdraw turtle-like into its protective shell and ignore the mountain of evidence pointing to a lack of institutional control at a prominent program, it has de facto declared its own impotence and irrelevance.

In combination with its outright refusal to do any meaningful investigation of Auburn, there is literally no reason why any major program should pay attention to NCAA regulations. All you need to do is stonewall and deny, deny, deny.

So not only is the NCAA corrupt, it's also incompetent.



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May the many meetings and new cycles between here and the Army All American Bowl game be filled with squirrely excuses, denials of lack of institutional control, player complaints and new findings continue AND may we take all the recruits we want from them and beat their team to a stinking pulp at the end of the season.


....oh, and I want a new Maize and Blue pony for Christmas.

KC Wolve

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Dan Wetzel tweeted this morning that his "sources" have said that unless Tress says something crazy, new allegations from the NCAA are unlikely.


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Caption under the video -- "Ohio State administrators, including president Gordon Gee, athletic director Gene Smith and football coach Gene Smith, walk into the NCAA hearing room on Aug. 12, 2011."

Gene just promoted himself to football coach.  Unfuckingbelieveable.