Today's Schedule of Games

Submitted by M-Dog on November 17th, 2018 at 8:56 AM

There are only four P5 conferences playing today, as the SEC decided to take the week off. Honestly, I don't get why the networks don't say "SEC, if you want all of this TV $$$ you will play real games in November. We ain't running no charity here."

At noon, I'll be scouting Ohio State at Maryland. And I will be rooting for Ohio State not to lose. There, I said it. 

We have to beat them anyway to have a legit good season, might as well have them be in the top ten when we do it. Unlike many others, I think we would actually have a very strong case over a 1-loss Alabama that does not even win it's conference.  A win over a top ten Ohio State is a key part of that.

Syracuse at Notre Dame at 2:30. I don't think this is happening. We are going to have to take care of our own business.

At 3:30, West Virginia at Oklahoma St. looks kind of trappy.

Oh look, USC at UCLA is today. I didn't even know that. Man that rivalry has sunk low. 

Our game at 4:00: 




The end.

At night, AFTER WE HAVE TAKEN CARE OF BUSINESS, Cincinnati at UCF I guess. I got nothing.

SATURDAY, NOV 17, 2018

GAME                              TIME          TV

Arkansas at Miss. State   12:00 PM   ESPN

The Citadel at Alabama   12:00 PM   SECN

Colgate at Army   12:00 PM   CBSS

Idaho at Florida   12:00 PM   ESPU

Michigan St. at Nebraska   12:00 PM   FOX

Middle Tenn. at Kentucky   12:00 PM   SECN

Northwestern at Minnesota   12:00 PM   BTN

Ohio St. at Maryland   12:00 PM   ABC

Pittsburgh at Wake Forest   12:00 PM    

Penn St. at Rutgers   12:00 PM   BTN

South Florida at Temple   12:00 PM   ESNN

TCU at Baylor   12:00 PM   FS1

NC State at Louisville   12:20 PM    

Utah at Colorado   1:30 PM   PACN

FIU at Charlotte   2:00 PM   ESP3

Utah St. at Colorado St.   2:00 PM   ATSN

VMI at Old Dominion   2:00 PM   ESP+

Syracuse at Notre Dame   2:30 PM   NBC

Georgia St. at App. St.   2:30 PM   ESP+

UT-San Antonio at Marshall   2:30 PM   FCBK

UL-Monroe at Arkansas St.   3:00 PM   ESP+

Nevada at San Jose St.   3:00 PM   ESP3

W. Carolina at North Carolina   3:00 PM    

Boston College at Florida St.   3:30 PM   ESP2

Bowling Green at Akron   3:30 PM   ESP3

Iowa at Illinois   3:30 PM   BTN

Louisiana Tech at So. Miss   3:30 PM    

Miami (Fla.) at Virginia Tech   3:30 PM   ESPN

Missouri at Tennessee   3:30 PM   CBS

Tulsa at Navy   3:30 PM   CBSS

Texas St. at Troy   3:30 PM   ESP+

Texas Tech at Kansas St.   3:30 PM   ESPU

USC at UCLA   3:30 PM   FOX

Virginia at Georgia Tech   3:30 PM    

Wisconsin at Purdue   3:30 PM   BTN

West Virginia at Oklahoma St.   3:30 PM   ABC

Air Force at Wyoming   4:00 PM   ESNN

Indiana at Michigan   4:00 PM   FS1

Liberty at Auburn   4:00 PM   SECN

Massachusetts at Georgia   4:00 PM   SECN

Oregon St. at Washington   4:30 PM   PACN

Ga. Southern at Coastal Carolina   5:00 PM   ESP+

South Alabama at Louisiana   5:00 PM   ESP3

Duke at Clemson   7:00 PM   ESPN

UAB at Texas A&M   7:00 PM   ESP2

Connecticut at East Carolina   7:00 PM   CBSS

Kansas at Oklahoma   7:30 PM   FOX

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt   7:30 PM   SECN

Rice at LSU   7:30 PM   ESPU

Stanford at California   Postponed   PACN

Chattanooga at South Carolina   7:30 PM   SECN

UTEP at W. Kentucky   7:30 PM   beIN

Cincinnati at UCF   8:00 PM   ABC

Iowa St. at Texas   8:00 PM    

New Mexico St. at BYU   10:15 PM   ESP2

Arizona at Washington St.   10:30 PM   ESPN

Arizona St. at Oregon   10:30 PM   PACN

San Diego St. at Fresno St.   10:30 PM   CBSS

UNLV at Hawaii   11:00 PM    



November 17th, 2018 at 9:01 AM ^

That is a poor slate for November. Would be worth checking on Georgia Tech if they weren't opposite the Michigan game - could it be one of those years that option attack is running crisply enough to give Georgia fits next weekend? 


November 17th, 2018 at 9:16 AM ^

The two PAC12 After Dark games could be interesting.  People think Arizona might have something for WSU, and ASU is playing for the PAC12 South title.  LMAO!!!  Herm Edwards!!!!

Wow, how the PAC12 has fallen this year...


November 17th, 2018 at 9:31 AM ^

I really like the PAC12 After Dark games even though they seldom mean anything on the national scene.

I enjoyed last week's Cal - USC game, despite the fact that they were both unranked and not really in the picture for the PAC12 CG.

It's just pure college football for its own sake.


November 17th, 2018 at 9:47 AM ^

So, who does Mike Tirico secretly root for today in a NBC home game for network moguls in NYC, Syracuse v. Irish?  Just curious to hear how he handles the call. Yankee Stadium used to be the home of the New York football Giants, the original Yankee Stadium.

And I am old enough to admit once attending a game in the 60's at the old Yankee Stadium between the St. Louis Cardinals and Giants. The sight lines were pretty good for that configuration of the stadium, even with all its pillars. Remember it was a cold December Sunday and the guys came out in warmups with cloth caps.


November 17th, 2018 at 10:47 AM ^

Where there still grid lines on the field back then? ;-)

No Astro turf or Turf Grass back then, just hard earth and mud (by mid November!)

I went to a Lions/Bears game in the mid sixties at Tiger stadium, maybe early Dec, froze little kyster off.  They had a first base/left field orientation as i recall, with poles, some really bad seats, some good ones too.


November 17th, 2018 at 9:32 AM ^

I wish I could share your optimism about us getting in over a 1-loss Alabama. I personally might buy your argument, but I really don't think the committee would.

I'll be rooting for OSU to lose because in my opinion, we have to win out regardless, and even if we do win out, a 1-loss 'Bama is getting in ahead of us no matter what. That's ridiculous, but the committee is not reasonable. So might as well root for OSU to lose.



November 17th, 2018 at 9:52 AM ^

We are definitely in over 1-loss bama. We would have better quality wins and more of them. Alabama's loss would be later in the season, and their only quality wins would be LSU and a slipping Miss St. Compound that with a weaker OOC schedule than Michigan. Also, conference championship losers don't go to the playoffs.


November 17th, 2018 at 10:32 AM ^

On paper, we should easily be in over an SEC Championship Game-losing Alabama if we win out.

Their big win would be over likely 2-loss LSU that was top 5 when they played.  Our big win would be over likely 2-loss OSU that was top 10 when we played.  Slight edge to Alabama.

Their one loss would be in the SEC CG on a neutral field in December. Um, not that great for THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL DAMN TIME!!   Our one loss would be in the first game of the year on the road at night to undefeated ND.  Advantage Michigan.

We would clearly have more wins over top 25 teams than Alabama.  Advantage Michigan.

We would have a Conference Championship, one of the 4 key criteria of the CFP committee.  Alabama . . . would not.  Advantage Michigan.

On paper, there really is no contest.  If Alabama gets in over us, it would be as some kind of "lifetime achievement award" in consideration for past seasons . . . but not for this season. 

Fans and the media might do that, but The CFP committee is supposed to be beyond that kind of feelingsball thing.

Brian Griese

November 17th, 2018 at 9:35 AM ^

Also, if anyone is interested in the D2 playoffs, three Michigan teams are in action today:

Hillsdale (Go Chargers!) @ Kutztown (Andre Reed’s school), noon

Harding @ Ferris, 1 pm

NW Missouri State @ GVSU, 1 pm


November 17th, 2018 at 10:05 AM ^

USC-UCLA taking place today isn't a bad remark on the rivalry; USC always plays UCLA a week earlier when it hosts Notre Dame, because ND visits thanksgiving weekend. When USC plays at ND the game is in October.

The USC-UCLA isn't anything impressive this year, but that's because the teams stink. They'll be back.


November 17th, 2018 at 10:41 AM ^

It's not because it takes place today, they always do that as you said. 

It's because it's a game that has completely fallen off the radar and has gotten zero publicity.  I forgot all about it.  I've heard more about Arizona at Washington St.

For those of us of a certain age, it was a Michigan-Ohio State and Oklahoma-Nebraska level game that was always in the national spotlight.



November 17th, 2018 at 11:31 AM ^

South Florida at Temple looks like the only remotely competitive noon game, but who knows, maybe Minnesota could show up at home against Northwestern and make it a game. I'll be surprised if West Virginia escapes Oklahoma state. Notre Dame v Syracuse could go in any direction: blowout by either team, or close win by either team. Every other game on the schedule looks like a foregone conclusion, though.