Tips on parking near Levi's Stadium?

Submitted by Autocracy Now on December 28th, 2016 at 12:44 PM

I am in the Bay Area this week and was thinking of heading to the Foster Farms Bowl (Utah vs IU) in Santa Clara tonight. I expect attendance to be dismal.

Does anyone from the area have parking tips for Levi's Stadium? I'd prefer not to pay $35+ just to park nearly a mile from the stadium, which is what I am seeing now. Thanks much.

Edit, obligatory: F the Niners, da, da, da-da da.



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Not sure if you have kids, but as I have gotten deeper into the whole fatherhood thing, I find that the dad jokes increasingly become laced with sarcasm. I am always full of dad joke now that I am over a decade into the dad thing. I am sure the repertoire will only grow. 


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So if I'm reading your question correctly in the OP and your response in thread YOU are currently living in the bay area.about 20 minutes from Levi Stadium.

And you thought "hey, I'll bet my friends on MgoBlog who, for the  most part  live several thousands of miles away from here will be able to give me parking advice for a stadium I live about 20 minutes from cause I'm thinking of going to a random bowl game Michigan is not playing in."

Do I have that right?


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OK, we get you've grown old, or are trying to anyway.

But dude says he's in the Bay Area "this week" right up front - and below is some very helpful advice telling them not to drive at all - which is really about all he was gonna get from any of us who do live in the area.

But if OP is still reading for more tips - the CalTrain is also an option I believe (unless that other transit option is actually the same thing?). I won't step foot in that stadium unless Michigan is playing so I'm not totally sure.

Also, $35 is much less then uber or taxi would be round trip - although if you use a driver you can partake freely of some of the over priced beverage options! So there's that...



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If so, you should definitely take the VTA. I live 2 miles from the stadium and I can tell you all the residential buildings and most commercial lots around here enforce parking restrictions on game days pretty tightly, so it's not worth the risk, though I always see some people parking around here on Niner game days.

If you're coming from San Jose, you should probably park at the River Oaks/1st St. VTA station and just take the train from there, it's only a few stops to Great America which is the Levi's stop.

Do not pay more than $10 for a ticket. You can easily move around to another part of the stadium and sit in what are sure to be many available seats that have a face value of $50 and up.


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I went to a niner game there a few years ago when our Savior was still the coach.  We bought a parking pass that was in a grass lot near the stadium.  Very much worth the $35 for parking instead of having a mile to walk.  I think I bought the parking pass off of Stubhub.


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You can park here for free: 3331 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95134

its the VTA headquarters lot. Its 2 miles to stadium. You can either Uber it from their or take the VTA (across the street - River Oaks Stop), this is 2 stops from the stadium.

Since this bowl game is usually super empty, they are even tarping off the upper deck of the stadium. So getting in and out of any of the lots should not be that big of an issue.


^this seems like the cheapest way.


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Another possibility if you are going early.  Just park on Agnew or a close side street and walk to the stadium along the creek trail which will be closed on a game day but if you show a ticket, you will be allowed to access the short cut to the stadium.


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I recommend parking near the local train stop and taking that in. I do not recommend driving or taking Uber. I wish someone told me this six weeks ago. You're welcome.


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Park free on Agnew on part which intersects Lafeyette and Montague as close to Lafeyette as possible, try to get here at least an hour before game time. Its about 30 minute walk along lafeyette. walk up dirt path of hill when you reach the overpass to stadium.