Timeo Danaos...

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Well,here's some interesting news... Report: U-M IFC suspends Greek Life events http://on.freep.com/2hXCELg All Greek Life social functions at the University of Michigan have been suspended by the student-run Interfraternity Council, the Michigan Daily reported Thursday evening.University administrators were trying to confirm the move, U-M spokesman Rick Fitzgerald told the Free Press late Thursday night."IFC leaders are students and this is part of their self-governance function," Fitzgerald said.The move came at a meeting of the IFC, which included the presidents of several U-M fraternities, the Michigan Daily reported.



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I had my first real drink at 15, was getting plastered regularly by junior year of HS along with most of my friends, and by the time I got to UM booze and pot were a pretty regular evening accompaniment in the dorms and apartments I lived in.

Oddly enough, it never occurred to me to be persuaded to down 21 shots on my birthday or handcuff myself to anybody regardless of how hammered I was.


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Coming from the UP, dorm/college life was actually much cleaner living than what I had known previously. I went from spending my time around seasoned alcoholics who found it necessary to take a night off from drinking every few weeks for health to watching flushed faced freshmen from Farmington Hills and White Plains lose control of their emotions after four cans of Natty Ice.


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LOL. My daughter did the normal amount of partying in HS—although much less than I got away with—so that by the time she got to college she sneered at the flushed-faced freshmen girls in her dorm from Green Bay and La Croix who vomited uncontrollably after their first encounter with Leinenkugel and Jaegermeister. The fact that she was in Madison attending Wisconsin, one of the nation's drunkest party schools, made it all the more ironic to me.


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motocross types.  they exist, but a small pocket only.  snow machines is/are a different story. and as for bear, a good bear is a good meal.  yes, they do actually taste like pork and when you are skinning them they are pretty similar too.   indeed, you call a male bear a bore and a female a sow, just as you do for pigs. 


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Cumong, man, let's take a look at this.

First of all, Greek has a perfectly good letter to take care of that first phoneme in Dakich's name, so let's use that. Second, εἴναι requires a breathing mark, but surely you want the third person singular rather than the infinitive, so we'll need to change this to ἐστί. Get a rough breathing mark over the article if you can, but apparently my keyboard won't do this, so we'll get:

ο Δάκιτς ἐστὶ προδότης.

Understand? Now, write that a hundred times. If it's not done by sunrise, etc.



...I feel like my time there was pretty well spent.


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Quidquid est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentis.

The scary thing is, I took AP Latin in 1982-83 and still remember that line. And that Virgil stuck in the "et" to make it satisfy the iambic pentameter.