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It seems as though the board has lost it's way tonight. Let's get back on topic for MSU week. 






Denard will add his own personal chapter to this story Saturday.



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The 2004 Braylonfest was one of the best games I have ever watched, behind only the 1999 OSU game (the first Michigan game I ever attended) and the 2000 Orange bowl against Alabama.


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I was just a baby when Roger Waters split from Pink Floyd, and it hasn't stopped me from deciding Roger Waters era Pink Floyd is my favorite band.  Essentially, in this age of interwebz and DVRs, there's no reason why the high schoolers and college kids on here can't be well aware of pre-2000 MIchigan football history.  You don't necessarily have to be around when it happened to have an emotional attachment to an event.

Coach Kyle

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I remember watching Michigan play in the Rose Bowl while I was on vacation with my family in 1997. I was seven years old, and I watched it form the swimming pool - they had a TV. I was aware of football the following year aswell. I'm sure of it... I just don't remember quite as well. That pool is what really stood out in my mind. It was fun.


Also... it wasn't 1997... I should google things first. W/e that pool was awesome. 


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No more off topic posts this week please, even with the Tigers in the playoffs.  

And holy crap that first video is amazing.  I haven't seen that play in a long time and wow it still is one of the best catches I've ever seen, what an incredible pick by Woodson.  


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I had to listen to this game on the radio since my parents decided cable was rotting my brother's and my brains.  Frank Beckman had a great call and my wild 8th grade imagination still couldn't match what actually transpired.

Hank Hill

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My Dad got tickets and took my brother and I too EL for that game. We were berated the entire game and my 12 year old self was a little bit scared so I did not cheer much. When Woodson made that interception I finally had the courage to cheer exuberantly. I got out of my seat, the three of us embracing, and no one even cared we were cheering because the play was that incredible. It was as though Charles had instructed his body to to ignore the effects of momentum, so as to make the pick and get down in bounds.


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I might have to join the crowd who wants to get rid of the "Big Brother-Little Brother" meme. Not so much because I don't think Staee deserves their small-man syndrome, but because I don't hate my brother. I mean, who could hate the little brother in that pic? He's awesome! Sparty is not awesome. Sparty sucks. Bad. Screw Sparty, his stupid skirt and that dumbass fake mohawk hat he wears.


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My favorite win over Sparty would have to be the 2005 overtime game.  Michigan was struggling to begin the year, having a 2-2 record going into Spartan stadium to face a hot undefeated Spartan team.  I don't think I've ever heard so much trash-talking all week from a fanbase as I did from Spartan nation that week.  This was supposed to be the game in which Sparty gets sweet revenge from the 2004 Braylon-fest game and Stanton would continue to improve his chances in the Heisman race.  

Michigan ends up controlling most of the game, loses a lead, but still sneaks one out in OT.  Michigan went onto to have a disappointing season, but didn't have near the collapse like Sparty did that season who failed to make a bowl appearance for the 2nd consecutive season.


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Saw the thread about Urban's meeting about the D.  Went to 11W to read about it from the urine-soaked mouths of Ohio fans (see Buckeyes/Browns fan thread for reference) and found a T-shirt shop.  Which included this:



While their 'fail to the victors' T wouldn't sell well in Ann Arbor, I'm not so sure about this.  Could it be the only T-shirt that Ohio fans would wear in support of Ohio and Michiganders would wear to mock them?




(in this thread b/c it specifically calls for no add'l OT topics this week, OT being non-Staee related).


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....which was, of course, the 49-3 rout of MSU and I believe Bobby Williams' final game. I was near the guy who had this sign (Detroit News photo), and he was a sage man, to be sure...

Thanks to the OP for sharing these videos. Great memories involved around all of them actually. I found out that my son was on the way the day before the 2006 game actually. 


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This is my favorite game in the rivalry!



I'll never forgive them for 2001. Some of the worst reffing followed by the most egreious cheat I've ever seen. I can't say any year, even this year, that the MSU game was bigger than the Ohio State game. But that year it was. There was a need for payback, and it was collected.


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You had to love Bo's domination of Sparty, beating them a total of 17 times.  Here's a few memorable ones from the Schembechler years...

Oct. 8, 1983 - Bo and his good friend George Perles meet at the 50 before the game.  George says, "I gotta tell you Bo.  I'm really nervous."  Bo smiles and then replies, "You should be."


Oct. 12, 1985 - It must be nice to know that your quarterback, Jim Harbaugh, can throw 3 interceptions yet still win the game 31-0.


Oct. 8, 1988 - Punter scores a touchdown!  (6:31 in)


Oct. 9, 1982 - Anthony Carter burning the Spartan defense and returning punts is fun.


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Game announcers added so much more to the excitement of the game back then, when they actually got excited about Michigan rather than just shitting on them all game.  Even when they do give us some respect there's very rarely this kind of excitement anymore.  They just don't make tv play by play like they used to.


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I remember that all too well. My buddy and I were insanely pissed that the powers that be would schedule UM/MSU and Tigers/Yanks over top one another. Fortunately they showed updates on the scoreboard at the Big House. It was a happy day all around, but man was I irritated about the lack of scheduling sense.


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For all of you youngsters out there, below is a clip of the game that shaped the rivalry for many of those in my age group.  Check out the play at 5:17 - this is yet another reason why the moniker "little brother" is applicable (for all you with little brothers that thought it was funny to trip you when you were walking up the stairs - and escaped punishment as well). 



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I know a man (a doctor, actually) who is a Michigan Alum and his dog’s name is Sparty. His reasoning: a State graduate can aspire to rank no higher in society than a domesticated dog.  Learned Michigan doctor > dog and/or MSU graduate.