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Great read, thanks for posting. I knew he did well the one year he coached baseball, but I had no idea it was a historic type season that put Yale baseball on the map. Finding and hiring Don Brown is probably Harbaugh's best coaching move at Michigan.

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While this story is clearly true, Don Brown is the kind of man who is very reminiscent of Paul Bunyan. Tall tales will start to develop, and it will be very hard to separate fact from fiction. That is a testament to the legend that he is quickly becoming.


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Great story but some of the facts are in error.

In May 1981 Yale faced off against St. John's in an NCAA Regional game. Ronnie Darling pitched for Yale, Frank Viola for St. John's.

Darling threw a no hitter through 11 innings before giving up a single in the 12th. That single led to St. John's only run, which came on a double steal. Viola scattered 7 hits across 12 shutout innings for the win.

Some people suggest it was the greatest college baseball game ever. Debatable but certainly an amazing performance.

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