Tim Tebow is a Scott Loeffler disciple

Submitted by JCM26 on December 20th, 2011 at 7:59 AM

Scott Loeffler has built up a rather impressive list of underclassmen he has tutored for the NFL, including  the latest NFL QB sensation - Tim Tebow.

Currently Scott is under consideration as OC at LSU: http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2011/01/lsu_football_former_florida_co.html

Hopefully at some point in the future he'll come home to Michigan just as Brady Hoke has.



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Has Loeffler ever worked with Hoke? I'm sure their paths have crossed, but I know nothing of how much they ever related and worked with each other while at Michigan.

Regarding Tebow and Loeffler, I'm not sure how much of a great testimonial Tebow is for Loeffler.


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Tebow is an NFL starting QB with a 7-2 record in 2011, with 11 TD passes and 2 Int's, and won 2 National Championships in college.

I'd think that is rather impressive for most QB's, and certainly is a good testimonial for Loeffler.  Not bad for a kid from the Phillipines!  (check out his birth place....)

If I was Scott, I'd be happy to have Tebow say good things about me.......




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Loeffler only worked with Tebow for 1 year. He was with Michigan for the Capital One Bowl...Tebow was a Sophomore. He was with the Lions in 2008. Therefore he worked with Tebow in 2009...they did not win a National Championship...and probably had his worst year in college under Addazio as his OC. Loeffler is awesome, but he was responsible for exactly 0 of Tebow's MNCs.


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While he was the back-up, he did play an important role for that team in many of those games. BTW...I was not trying to underplay Loeffler's skill as a coach, merely pointing out that crediting him with having anything to do with either of Florida's latest 2 National Championships is erroneous.


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would have first crossed paths when Loeffler was a player on the team.  Scott then became a GA when Brady became the full D-Line coach in '98.  Loeffler came back to Michigan in 2002 as QB coach when Hoke was promoted to associate head coach.  So yes, they would be familiar with each other.


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who I believe just got a nice little pay raise.  That article is from January.  But he is under consideration for the Akron HC job.



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I'm not in any hurry to see either Borges or Mattison leave.  If we are lucky, both will decide they are happy being coordinators and not want the politics and extracirricular demands that come with being a head coach. 

Hoke is doing very well with Borges and Mattison.  If both decide to stay, Michigan could become a consistently great program for the next ten years or so.  When it comes to either leaving someday, I prefer "someday" to be far, far in the future.

His Dudeness

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Are you hoping to find the fountain of youth? Mattison will be here 4 more years at the very most. Borges may or may not be here that long (you may not want him here that long). I am very impressed with Mattisons ability, but I was always wondering what to do after him because he is pretty old and already has an eye towards his family (moved here partly because he wanted to spend more time with his grandkids).

Mr. Yost

December 20th, 2011 at 9:42 AM ^

But I'm also a realist and if our team is as successful as I think/hope it will be...Borges will be mentioned for a lot of those WAC, MWC, C-USA Level coaching jobs that come open more and more.

Mattison has hinted that 4-6 years was what he was looking at before retiring (that's why all that Mattison to OSU questions were stupider than stupid). Personally I think Mattison will see this class through and hang it up, but that's just a personal guess...nothing behind that. Maybe he sees Shane Morris through to the NFL before calling it quits. But he wants to be a granddad and by that time he'll have put Michigan back where it's supposed to be. At the top.


Loeffler would be a GREAT candidate for OC, he will have bought his time and earned a shot rather than just being the "heir" who coached Tom Brady and got John Navarre to the NFL. Austin is ready now...we just have to pray he's not taken in 4-5 years. Mallory would be an interesting discussion too, he's got experience there, I just like Austin's resume a little better.


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I was confused when reading the coordinator pressers about why the question was asked about Borges' future.  Was that just the media pulling garbage out of thin air as they occasionally do best?  There was nothing like that in the wind at the time, and the question still came up.  I thought it was really strange.

Leaders And Best

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Loeffler is NOT under consideration for LSU OC as that article dates from close to one year ago.  LSU hired Kragthorpe who had to take a medical leave and then elevated Greg Studwara to OC.  Loeffler followed Addazio to Temple to take the OC there.


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Did you see Dick Lebeau out there coaching the Steelers last night?  The dude is 75!  And he's doing an awesome job.

Perhaps as one goes through all of the trials and tribulations required to become a world class DC, you achieve a higher zen-like consciousness that doubles as a fountain of youth. You've discovered the deepest secrets of the universe and the keys to molding a company of young men into a unified, punishing fortress of doom.

Mattison is 62.  Hopefully we'll get another 7-10 years of Michigan Defense with him at the helm.

Mr. Yost

December 20th, 2011 at 12:42 PM ^

He's stated that this will be his last stop and he's hinted at 4-6 years depending on his health.


Not everyone wants to coach until they're 75. Mattison is in love with his grandkids and wants to help raise them. That's the biggest reason why he came to Michigan. I'll be thankful for whatever time he puts in here...you should too.


Selfishly I'd LOVE for Mattison to announce his retirement a year early, let us hire Austin as a Co-Defensive Coordinator like they were at UF. Let them coach the year together and have a seemless transition that wouldn't affect recruiting.


With everything said, f-it...Go Blue. BEAT VA TECH! All of this is WAAAY premature.


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Tim Tebow blows. I wouldn't be proud of coaching up a guy whose mechanics are worse than any other quarterback in the league. CAN believe there are Tim Tebow references here but it's pathetic.