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That's rough, wish him the best. The good news is this challenge has taken off in a big way and most certainly has helped raise money and awareness to combat ALS.


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That's where I first saw him.  Nearly single-handily got Clarenceville to a state title (it's tough to beat a team like Lumen Christi with one player though).  Always one of my favorites at Penn State and the NFL because he brought the effort and was an over-achiever.  I wish him well going forward.

UM Fan in Nashville

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As a son of a Michigan grad and a son of an amazing man whom ALS has taken his life, I highly suggest donating to the ALS foundation. This one of the most cruel and tortuous diseases and most people have no awareness to the troubles and pain it causes not just to the diagnosed, but all that are involved.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my Dad. He was a huge Michigan fan, he was a loving father, he was an extremely intelligent man. ALS took nearly everything from him, except for the love from his family and friends. I challenge everyone that reads this blog to dump ice water on themselves and most importantly, to donate anything they can to the ALS foundation. If you only can give $0.25, so be it. Anything and everything helps people like Tim Shaw who still has hope.

For a great description of what it'slike being diagnosed with the disease, or in a family with someone diagnosed, I suggest reading this blog:

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---both the ice water and the donation sometime this week.

So very sorry to read about your dad;  you are honoring his memory well by posting what you did in support of raising funds to fight ALS.

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Crazy to read about this hear. Oddly enough I was childhood friends with Tim and the Shaw family. I went to the same Bible camp as him and his brothers for several years. I'm not exactly religious anymore but I wish only the best for him and his family.


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I also grew up with Tim Shaw and his family and have known now for a couple months that he has ALS, amazing man and beautiful family. He's a fighter and always will be, if your talking about UP Bible Camp, I spent my entire childhood there, who are you? Kenny VanRyn here.


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Here's the article from The Tennessean - (LINK), which has some quotes from the video and some other information. 

"I want to challenge the Tennessee Titans organization, coach James Franklin and the Penn State football team, and my Clarenceville (Michigan) community. Let's do this."

I wish Shaw the best. As someone said, the name is well-known in Metro Detroit HS football history and rightly so. 


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Was interviewing some Chicago Bears a few years back (Briggs, Hester, Peterson, ect) at a Briggs Charity Event and bumped into Shaw. He was a quiet and humble guy at that point in his life and what really struck me was how good of shape he was in. He didn't have the athletic ability of a Briggs or Urlacher but he looked like the kind of guy who worked his ass off to max out as a special teams player/ back up LB.

Thoughts and prayers his way.


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Terrible news. I wonder if he suffered head injuries playing football? We showed a film at work that detailed the possible links between ALS and brain injuries suffered playing football. Kevin Turner, a fullback who played at Alabama and in the NFL, was diagnosed with the disease, as was former Raiders fullback Steve Smith. Here is a trailer for the film:

Chris Nowinski, former WWE wrestler and Harvard football grad, is very involed in this reasearch through his Sports Legacy Institute, which tracks the long term effects of concussions on the lives of former players.  More here:

Anyway, just curious to know if Mr. Shaw draws any parallels himself... 


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I played against Tim in High School.  He was a beast - built like a rock.


Tough to see the best player at our biggest rival school get diagnosed.  Good Luck.