Tim Settle visiting for UTL II

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2015 Top 5 DT Tim Settle is attending the Michigan v ND game Sept 7 instead of Oregon at UVA.  (Personally, I wouldn't think that would be a great idea to have a kid visit UVA while Oregon hosts a track meet on their football field)

Hand and Settle are coming together, and possibly another 2015 OL from VA, depending on if he has other transportation or not.

Tim doesn't have an offer yet, but he also hasn't been on campus yet either.


Re: Da'Shawn...once again, an unbelievable kid. His position coach and mentor is coaching at another school, and I don't believe he is learning anything from his  new coaching staff.  So AFTER two-a-days he will find time to head to Coach Harris' home, and will work on DL and hands drills.  I watched him do moves he doesn't use in games, because he doesn't have to.  Coach Harris teaches him a technique I either haven't seen before (because at 170 lbs I avoid the LOS at all costs) or because it is something unique.  Various D1 coaches praise him for what he is teaching and it is probably a reason why 2 of the DL he's worked with are in the top 5 in their respective years.



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awesome news.

There will be the makings of an absolute killer D-line in the stands at UTLII.  Hand, Settle (15), and I think Cornell (15)...

PS is the VA 15 OL Matt Burrell?


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Has to post here, I can't post a thread yet due to my newness. A few weeks ago there was a thread for an open pratice and the big house aug 24th. It said the start time was 11 am. I can't find anything on mgoblue.com and have called the athletic dept as well. There response was they weren't aware of am aug 24th open pratice. Any insight on this from anyone?


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Well it is a visit not a "Michigan is in my top 3" (and from early indications Michigan is not in his top tier) but a Settle and Cornell haul in 2015 would be like getting oh I dont know Peppers and Hand in 2014.  Like impossible or something. err...    Once a kid gets on campus and meets with coaches I always feel confidant we at least will move up in the pecking order.


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Tim Settle has quite the offer list per Rivals - Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Miami (YTM), Nebraska, North Carolina, NC State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Old Dominion (interesting), Oregon State, South Carolina, Tennessee, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin. 

247Sports lists their nominal "cool" for LSU, Maryland and Michigan. According to them, Settle is "Warmer" on Alabama, Ohio State and Virginia, but also "warm" on Florida and Oklahoma. 


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Does anyone know if either of Peppers or Campbell will be at the game?  It'd be nice if they were there to, um, suggest that Mich is a good choice for these two young men.


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Correct.  That was one of the strangest games ever.  It started as the most awful game ever (It was a heat index of like 110 degrees.....I couldn't stop sweating during the tailgate) and ended one of the freakiest with the crazy storm and weather delays and finally cancellation.

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otherwise known as "Under The Thunderstorm" game.  I remember heading back to my car parked to the southwest, seeing the skies getting dark again, and thinking "we aren't making it back in time before that hits".  We didn't.  Nice picture of MM though. 

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schools somewhere, but I didn't see Michigan on it.  But, if he comes to this game, I'd have to think we will be on the list at least.  If Hand ends up coming here and he has a good relationship with Settle, that could be big for us.