Tim McCormick tweets from MBB practice

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Tim McCormick tweeted a few thoughts from practice: https://twitter.com/TMcCormickESPN
Heading to A2 for @umichbball practice big question is the annual rebound concern now a strength w/ McGary Morgan Horford #norebound-noring

New facilities for @umichbball incredible 2 yrs ago substandard today a game changer no chance to recruit McGary & Robinson w/o the upgrade

First impression @umichbball most talent since the Fab Five - 5 legit NBA prospects 11 deep tremendous size loaded with athletes on the wing

#michiganbasketball practice thoughts Jon Horford is 260 top 5 bigs in the Big 10 Trey Burke has added leg strength Hardaway improved handle

Nick Stauskas @umichbball has not missed - Best M shooter since Lou Bullock? - like Jon Diebler from OSU but better athlete/handle #starter?



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Rumors out of last summer were that Horford was going to start over Morgan before the injury bug(s).... If he is as good (or even half as good as some people are saying), we will have some real depth with the Big Guys... Is this real life?

Also, Stauskas has been my favorite recruit for a long time if that matters at all haha


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I have said this before here, but will say it again: the Horford family have all been "late bloomers."  Tito didn't fully grow into his body until he was a junior or senior.  Al was a decent player as a freshman, and better as a soph, but was a monster as a junior. 

I expect Jon Horford to be much better this year.  His injury may be a blessing, because he got a redshirt year, and is now a sophomore in a junior's body.  It looked like he had a chance to be a monster last year, because he had reportedly gained a lot of weight, but the injury derailed him.  

I like McCormick's comparison, but I hope someday they can be like the NCAA Championship team in 1989, where something like half of the roster was listed at 6-9 or taller.

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in the tournament earlier in the year - I believe against Duke where he made the incredible post move and dunked it.  He's going to give Michigan a big boost on the front line this season.  This will be the first Michigan team in a long time where rebounding will actually be a strength. 


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Glad to see it was made a topic. I tried to spread the word on the earlier bball topic. Not to nitpick but Levert wasn't technically mr. Ohio via the associated press (justin fritts was) but was the mr. Ohio from

Jjhuddle. This was their only year of disagreement dating back to 2007. Nevertheless he is going to surprise people...can't wait!!!


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Diebler is the all time leading scorer in Ohio.  He was aided by having a father as a coach who played a very, very uptempo game.  They played Loyola Marymount style and he was really fun to watch in high school.  He lost a state final game against Dayton Dunbar that may be the best high school game I have ever seen.  He had 48 points and almost beat a loaded Dunbar team. 

I am pumped about this team.  Stauskus is going to surprise a lot of people.  He is a perfect fit for this system. 


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With our new infusion of talent and size, we should remedy the two issues that sprung up often: rebounding and cold streaks. I would fear 4 to 5 minute scoring droughts that we were prone to having but I think that will no longer be a problem. 


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Love Tim, but I'll take his analysis with a grain of salt. He thought LLP was going to be the best pure PG Michigan had since Rumeal. Although I'm glad he's saying great things instead of being meh on the squad. Glad we have alums hanging around the program too.

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Tim is the Fred Jackson of Michigab basketball.  He was the same guy who called LLP the best UM pg since Rumeal Robinson before he even played a game. Take this with a grain of salt.


Jon Diebler, but more athletic == Mike Hart, but faster

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I know not exactly related to this post but I just ran into Jared Sullinger at a Subway near my house. He looked leaner than I expected and seemed surprised at being recognized. I was rocking my Michigan sweatshirt. I said Hi, he glanced at my shirt said nice to meet you and ran out.

My cool story bro moment for the day.