Tim Jernigan drops Michigan

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Bad news people...


Oh well -- he's near Jacksonville so maybe we can get him on our radar again during Gator Bowl.  But I'm sure most people here had their doubts that he would come to Ann Arbor in the end.

So, looking at DTs left on the board, we have Darian Cooper, Rob Trudo (the Cuse Commit).  Also, it seems that Chris Rock may come in as a DT.  With Jernigan and KNox gone, are there any other DTs serious in Michigan right now?  Also seems to make Danny O'Brien a #1 priority in 2012.



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We are going to be scrambling to fill our DT spot for 2011, now with Jernigan and Cooper losing interest and Mickey Johnson destined for LSU; Chris Rock seems to be more of an RVB 2.0 than a true DT.

Not even sure if there is anyone else on the radar?   Maybe Syracuse commit OL/DT Rob Trudo

Pearlie Graves still on the board?

The Baughz

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I doubt Trudo comes to Michigan. I live in western PA and coached against him this year. Farrell is about 5 minutes from where I coach (Sharon) and the buzz around the valley is that Trudo is all in for Syracuse. I havent personally talked to any of his coaches but some guys I coach with have. According to them, they would be shocked if Trudo went anywhere else. With that being said, any time you get an offer from UM you have to at least consider it right? So hopefully he at least considers. He is a good athlete and from what I know and heard about him, hes an even better person.

This is just info I have receieved since I live 5 minutes from his high shcool. I could be wrong so dont count him out. Im just saying it doesnt look good.


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I remember hearing, or reading, of Michael Irvin recounting how the first time he flew on a plane was for a recruiting trip to Michigan as well.  In fact, he said it was the first time he had left south Florida period.  Obviously he decided to stay close to home too.


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I can see why someone of his talent would be leary of coming to Michigan.  Fairley from Auburn constantly attacking the QB and our Mike Martin constantly taking on double teams.  I really would like to see us move to a 4 man front on defense.  It would be great to see Q Wash, Martin line up in the middle of the line with Ash to sub in next year.


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I'm aware that Brandonitis has been somewhat crippling. And our incoming DBs seem pretty good. But I simply don't see RR pulling in the kind of D recruits, overall, that we need. Kinda hangs a lot on Zettel.


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Also, if you're gonna call people bozos, don't use flawed, selective logic when making your case.

Fact: If you can recruit well on offense -- and RR has certainly done that -- then you should be able to recruit well on defense. This year RR landed the two top APBs in the country. And yet, when it comes to D recruiting, the burdens are just too great!

(Also, you're conveniently ignoring the fact that the impediments to recruiting -- sanctions, DB -- stemmed from RR's work performance. He who helps create the problem does not get a pass.)

Logic. They teach it at Michigan. 


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This one hurts. We need to fill our class with depth for the defensive side of the ball. We better be careful or else we may end up with the problem we had in the secondary this year at the defensive line positions in the future.


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This recruiting class is not looking as good as it needs to be.  I'm getting nervous for the program in general.  With Brandon leaving RR twisting in the wind like this I can't see how RR can recruit effectively.  When we need a strong class it looks like it'll be below average.

Will they even be able to fill all available slots if there is a late coaching change?


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Even though they're guaranteed playing time we still can't get anybody??  My guess is this system, and having no idea who the D coordinator, or who the head coach is going to be might have something to do with it.  What do we have to sell to a DT with the 3-3-5?  "Not only will you get swallowed up by 2-3 lineman at a time, but you'll hardly register any stats unless you go into Mike Martin beast mode."  This is frustrating....


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How can RR improve the defense if he can't recruit effectively? DB's silence is hurting the program. Notice how all other firings and resignations have taken place already? Gives the new coaches a chance to do damage control with existing recruits and bring in some of their own before signing day.


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was not a surprise. As was mentioned piecemeal in above posts, dominant dts do not want to come here and be double-teamed every play in the 3-3-5. Add in an unsettled coach situation, and we are getting nothing on the dl this year. Maybe this is why we are going to have more slots than dl.


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Seriously, given the discussions on def coordinator and head coach currently going on, who knows what defense we will be playing in 2011 unless Jeff casteel becomes available after the WVU bowl game.....