Tim Hardaway Jr to NBA per Yahoo

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@WojYahooNBA: Michigan junior Tim Hardaway Jr., will enter the NBA draft, sources tell Y! Sports.

Best of luck to him.



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I also realize it is all about getting scoops and being the first one with the inside info, but I am starting to get a little annoyed with all these people revealing the info before the actual press conference. Can't the kid have a chance to actually make an announcement? If he didn't care about it he wouldn't have a press conference. Oh well, maybe I'm just being unreasonable.


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that I have but one pos to give to this comment (and it had already been moderated to 5 before I got to it).  Hey, look at me, I can tell you what a college kid is going to say during his moment in the sun before he says it!


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Even though I think another year would do him good, I wish him the best of luck. I will also never forget the game vs Ohio where he had tiger blood and nail 3's like they were going out of style..

Best of luck young man

Wolverine 73

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is that they have to come from someone close to the kid, someone he talked with and confided in when trying to arrive at a decision.  I fault those people for leaking the stories and taking away from the kid's ability to have his own announcement.  Reporters are just doing their jobs trying to get the information first.

Michigan Eaglet

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has been some talk about Payne going, but I haven't heard much solid about Harris. I think he should because of how loaded next year will be, but who knows. Marcus Smart could kind of afford it because he will still probably be a top 5-10 pick next year. Neither one of them has that luxury.


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Short answer to your question: yes. Take it from the hoops heads. 2014 has a ton of NBA potential.


Marcus Smart
Andrew Wiggins 
Jabari Parker 
Kyle Anthony
Julius Randle 
Andrew Harrison 
Aaron Gordon 
Aaron Harrison 
Noah Vonleh 
Willie Cauley-Stein
Mitch McGary (if he comes back)
Kaleb Tarczewski
Wayne Selden
Alex Poythress
Spencer Dinwiddie
Gary Harris
James Michael McAdoo
Laquinton Ross (my opinion)
Not to mention the studs that will inevitably pop up.
I mean...Nate Wolters the SDSU PG is a possible first round selection this year...that's how devoid of talent this year is.



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All were projected to fill this draft. And at least so far they're not.  So there's no guarantee those other guys will be sure fire and be out after one year either. Everyone thought Noels and McLemore and those guys were going to be all that and bag of chips, and now they're headlining a weak class. So you never know.


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If GR3 and McGary stay, with the additions of Irvin and Walton, they could potentially be as good as the team this year.  We should have several young players (Stauskas, Levert, Albrecht, Beifeldt)  improve over the summer.

Looks like a top 5 team to me...









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But the truth is, Timmy has a lot of holes in his game still. Another year would have helped tremendously. He would have been the leader and could of polished up in his handling and streaky scoring. Shocked he would leave, at best I'm assuming he's a early 2nd rounder?


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who cares if you are happy?

Let the kid do his thing.   Personally, I don't think an extra year here would change things one way or another but even if I did, and he didn't agree with me, I wouldn't post my displeasure here because who cares what random internet fan thinks about his decision?



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That's the point of a blog. To discuss and write your own opinion. I was talking in regards to his future in the NBA. He's a decent player, has a lot to work on. I think another year of college ball with him leading the whole squad without Burke would help him grow. Calm down.


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Best of luck to him, don't necessarily think it is a great idea as 2nd round contracts are not gauranteed and I see hardaway as more likely in the D league than in the NBA, but hey if someone offered me millions to do my dream job i would probably leave before finishing too.

Hope I'm wrong and timmy makes it big in the league.  Now we need a gr3 and mcgary to stay and some big growth from gr3 if we want to make a run next year, but that discussion is for another day.


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First, and most importantly: I'm sick of reporters not letting these kids have their day. This is an extremely difficult decision for a lot if them. They are trying to do it the right way by taking their time and telling friends, teammates, and coaches first. Then making their statement for their fanbase.


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I agree that thj has done holes that could be tweaked, but this draft class is supposed to be weaker than next years, and reports probably came back that this is his best chance to make it in the first round. Let's all say thank you, as he was a 3 year starter and solid contributor on 3 straight tourney teams, a big ten champion, a national title game team, and a first team all big ten player.


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If the news is, indeed, true, I hope someone takes him in the first round, but he looks like a second round pick or UFA to me. I don't think he has done anything to distinguish himself from a host of other players, but maybe his dad has some inside info that we don't.  

If he is leaving, good luck, and thanks for staying as long as he did.  


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The NBA is afraid to draft Seniors for some reason and its hard to imagine his stock getting higher than it is now. If THJ focuses on being a defensive stopper with a wet J then he will find a place in the league and stay for a very long time.