Tim Hardaway Jr. feature

Submitted by Lofter4 on October 28th, 2009 at 7:37 PM

I'm likely the only person watching this, but on the Miami Heat's pregame show they're doing a story on Tim Hardaway and Tim Jr. Some interesting stuff, mostly fluff.

They asked Jr why he chose Michigan and he said his high school gets up and down and plays the same 1-3-1 style as UM does and that he loved the alumni network UM has (don't hear that as a reason very often). Tim Sr said he loved that UM has been with Jr all along and even after committing they're constantly in contact with him about not just his game but his grades as well.

Something that was very noticeable was that Jr is very humble and also very shy. He looked down through most of his answers and always said the best thing he could, which was nice to see he isn't coming in with an ego or anything of the sort. Overall it was interesting, showed a bunch of clips from his high school games and such. If I notice it's going to be replayed at some point I'll flag it on here.