Tied for longest BIG title drought in UM football history

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In response to a comment in a prior thread I went and looked up the history of Michigan Big Ten titles.  Despite our long and storied history, we missed 13 straight years last century, winning in 1950 and not again until 1964.  With our miss this year we are now again at 13 straight misses (shared the title with Iowa in 2004 and won outright in 2003).  Sure hope we can snap it next year!



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Tough schedule next year.  If we win the Big Ten Title next year we will have certainly earened it.  @NW, @MSU, @OSU, vs PSU, and vs Wisconsin is the toughest possible 5 games in our conference.  We play all of this year's top 5 and 3 of them on the road.


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@NW, @MSU, @OSU, vs PSU, and vs Wisconsin is the toughest possible 5 games in our conference

Putting aside that Northwestern is almost certainly not as good as its record this year (they are 3-0 in overtime games), I don't know why people act like playing in Evanston (where Michigan fans will outnumber Northwestern fans) is a nightmare.

Those other four might be tough, but we're going to play them every year for the foreseeable future, so we've got to make do.


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In the 90's, we went four straight years without a Big Ten title...and THAT felt like an eternity.

Not good that you brought up this incredibly depressing stat.  Please mention something happy related now. 

Blue and Joe

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You mention 2004 but seem to have skipped it in your math? A shared title is still a title.

Not saying that should make us feel any better, but if you're going to pull out stats they should accurate.


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2005-2017 inclusive is 13 years. So my stats are accurate, thank you.

Sorry to everyone who disliked the thread.  It truly surprised me that the drought is that historic and thought I would share.

I guess that is what two consecutive failed head coaches will do to a program.  I'm pretty high on the current program trajectory however.

UM Fan from Sydney

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I'm beyond impatient at this point. These guys need to win one pretty soon. Our records versus MSU and OSU lately have been horrific. Couple that with a severe lack of championships at both levels, it's been mostly ugly for us.


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No more split titles due to championship game.  Greater parity in league, and more teams.  All working against us.  No denying we haven't been great for quite a while, though.


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This came up in the various Happy Birthday MGoBlog threads . . . 

MGoBlog has never seen Michigan win a Big Ten Championship.

Not even once.

The last time Michigan won the Big Ten (tie with Iowa in November 2004), there was no MGoBlog.  MGoBlog did not come along until December 2004.


Um, it's kinda time.