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Just picked up four from Stubhub for Section 121 - $177 per ticket, including feeds. Not bad at all for the lower bowl.

Anyone else snag some good lower bowl tickets at a decent price?



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For anyone thinking about a crazy last minute trip, this is a good use of frequent flyer miles. I used 50K miles to book a ticket that would have cost $1,800 if I paid cash. Pretty good "yield" on your miles. Just booked them yesterday. 

And OP, I'll wave from my newly acquired Sec 115 / Row L seats for $250/each incl fees (and it's a mobile ticket, since I arrive at 6PM!). I'll take prayers/well wishes/sacrifices (to the gods or otherwise) for an on-time arrival for AA's CLT-SAT flight this afternoon...




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I messaged Stubhub earlier, and they said that they are selling tickets right up to game time and that the pickup center will be open all the way until game time as well. (Sometimes Stubhub stops sales a few hours in advance, but not today apparently). 

So plenty of time to get tickets still!


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I have two tickets for tonight Sec 115 Row LL Seats 5 and 6.  If interested please give me a call at 832.736-2251


or email me at [email protected]


Go Blue!  I can meet you in person and give them to you.  They have a nice holder and or transfer them via flash seats. 




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I have two tickets for tonight Sec 115 Row LL Seats 5 and 6.  If interested please give me a call at 832.736-2251

On Stub Hub as well for $425.  For a true blue fan and a good story I will negotiate!

or email me at [email protected]


Go Blue!  I can meet you in person and give them to you.  They have a nice holder and or transfer them via flash seats. 




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In 2013, I paid $500 for mid lower bowl on the baseline directly behind the basket...TERRIBLE seats. You weren't forking over the cash for the best view though, you were there for the environment. To everyone that will be there today, enjoy!


This year's prices are much more reasonable.

Its Great to be...

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After waiting / hoping for prices to fall in the lower bowl, I jumped on Section 109, row MM.  Was listed as $250, which meant $307 after fees.  Doesn't feel like I got a good deal, but I'm too giddy about the game to care.  Rest your vocal cords ladies and gentlemen, we need every decibel for the stadium.  



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Warning to anyone coming in last minute--DO NOT TRY TO PARK.  Get transport directly to the arena.  Parking at this thing is a joke.  It took me about an hour to park for the game on Friday, and I expect it to be worse tonight.  Unless you have an annoited pass to the right lot, there is no organization, no signs, no nothing.  You are just on your own driving randomly around San Antonio looking for a random lot to park in, and all public parking is closed.

I'm assuming most last arrivers will be coming by cab/uber so this won't be an issue.  But I'm driving down from Austin, so for anyone else like me, plan on it taking forever to park.


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Or just pay 20$ and park behind the spaghetti warehouse. It's a 10 min walk from there.

Also, parking will be way easier tonight than Saturday now that the entire state of Kansas has gone home.


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I parked in a neighorhood just south of Cesar Chavez and walked half a mile. It's like A2 during a game day, just park in one of the neighborhoods and walk. Don't try to park downtown.


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I'm sure if you got there in plenty of time you could find parking.

I'm saying that if you are coming in last minute, parking is hell.  It isn't like a lot of places I've gone where there are actual lots they direct you to.  You're just on your own to find some random lot in town, and most of them fill up well before the game.

Generally, for a pro stadium, I'm used to having parking be pretty well organized, even for a large crowd like this.   This is, like you said, much like parking for the big house.  You kind of need to know either show up early or know where you are going before hand.    That's all I'm saying.

Do to family stuff/accidents on the freeways etc. I was reasonably late getting into San Antonio on Saturday.  Getting off the freeway ramp onto Ceasar Chavez alone took 30-40 minutes by itself.   Then driving around finding parking took another 20-30 minutes.   I ended up parking about a mile away for $20, but even then I was the last car in the lot. 


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I currently have tickets in the nosebleeds but I’m looking get tickets in the lower bowl. Does anyone know how the rows are sorted? Is Row AA better than Row A? How do the numbered rows compare to the lettered ones?


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So now I have 2 in section 115, row QQ. Email me if interested mporter2183 @ gmail. I will be down on the river walk in 30 min. Go Blue!!!


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Section 102 Row 30 on StubHub had it listed for $75. $94 total. Couldn’t pass it up.


Also, parking on Market St and Bowie is $11. It’s right next to the Michigan hotel. They let 20 cars leave at a time then open the garage up. Had to circle around a few times but I got in.


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Adding from another thread:

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The for sharing extra tickets for tonight


2 tickets for tonight. Section 115 row QQ. Email me at mporter2183 @ gmail. I am on the river walk.