tickets around student section - Need some advice

Submitted by tdeshetler on October 5th, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Hey fellow MGo Community. 

Seems like I have been leaning heavily on your advice the last couple weeks and today is no different.

Really torn on this one.  I've got an opportunity to have 2nd row tickets in section 26.  Problem is, it's in the students section (tickets will be validated) and I have a 5 and 3 year old coming with my wife and I.  I'm not worried about having to stand up the entire game.  What I am worried about is how rowdy it gets and how bad the language will be versus hanging around regular seats where you hear it occationally.  Are my kids at risk outside of the language issue?

Thanks for the insight as always guys.



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I think it depends on how the game's going, for one.

But in all seriousness -- that's one of the outer sections, so if you have some concerns you can always ask a sectionmate to let your family stand near the aisleway.  That would give you and the kids some more room to move around in the instance of rogue bodytossers.


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You try watching out defense and not swearing out loud...... In all seriousness though, you'll probably find a couple more profane people in the student section than anywhere else, but I feel like most people have the common decency to know when there are children around.


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Its going to be roudy, its going to be loud, and there is almost no chance you will have your entire seat available to you.  You'll be standing, likely facing sideways, and crammed into a very small space. I don't think they are in any physical danger (after scoreing celebrations not withstanding, watch out for people getting picked up around you) but you likely will not be very comfortable.  

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I've been in section 28 around row 12 for the past few years and, yes, the language gets pretty bad during a normal game.  For a game like State, it will be pretty extreme.  If language isn't an issue for you, then you should be fine.  At the lower levels I've found that there are more "real" fans who enjoy going to the game and actually watching football (as opposed to getting plastered, staggering in, and yelling nonsensical insults and slurs).  In that respect, you probably wouldn't experience too much "rowdiness."  I think it ultimately depends on your children's tolerance for noise and standing - if they can get through an entire game with those conditions then you should absolutely take the tickets!!


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I think it will be very cramped in that section. I think a lot of students will bring there friends into the student section and things will be very cramped which could be dangerous for the kids.


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It won't be "rowdy" per-se, but you will have to stand and you will be very, very cramped.  You won't be in your seats as the overflow of people will create a very squished environment.  Additionally, because of this, your kids may have trouble seeing the field.  Also, in my opinion, being close to the field in the corner isn't exactly ideal as you can't see much of the action on the other end (5 yard runs could be 20 and you wouldn't know).  Language depends on the people, but the students who would swear anyway won't exactly hold anything back just because there are kids around.  I would be more concerned with the student that arrives heavily intoxicated, as those are the ones that may fall on you, pass out, vomit, yell obscenities non-stop until the buzz wears off, etc.  Hope this helped.


October 5th, 2010 at 11:32 AM ^

2nd row seats in the student section are pretty amazing... but as they said, the band does get pretty loud, which could scare your kids (or just hurt their ears!) The students tend to be (relatively) reasonable around little kids, though- so just dress up in Maize and take in the atmosphere!

On a side note, if you decide you don't want them, you could TOTALLY sell them to me.


October 5th, 2010 at 11:37 AM ^

I had row 1 tickets my senior year in section 26 and it was pretty rowdy.  People yelling, jumping up and down, cursing.. pretty much standard for a bunch of drunk college students. 

It will also be very crowded down there, I never actually stood on my seat.  I was always +/- 5 seats and a couple of rows off from where I was supposed to be.  Not to mention you had to stand sideways for everyone to fit down there.  Other things to consider is that the band will be loud and your kids might not be able to see anything because people will be in front of them.  I believe in the student section there is a row AA, A, B, 1, 2, etc.


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The language will be severe....other than that you will be fine. If you were in the exact same position as a state fan, i would probably say it wasn't a good idea.


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Yeah, I would pass on them if I were taking my family. The other problem is that there are no real seat assignments in the student section. You just kinda go in close to your seat and fill in where you can. Obviously if you get there early you'll be fine but you'll definately hear some things you probably don't want to expose your little kids to. No matter how good the students are being it's very likely a bad play will happen and the F bomb will be dropped in the heat of the moment.


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If this is a problem, I will be more than happy to take these tickets off your hands. I need 4 for the student section and am willing to pay a decent amount.


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As others have said, it won't get physically rowdy, but there will be a lot of harsh language. Also, if you're an MGoBlog reader you already know 100x more about football than most of the students and you'll have to listen to all the stupid statements about coaching decisions that you would sitting by the bluehairs.


October 5th, 2010 at 11:51 AM ^

I don't know what's worse, hearing people complain about coaching decisions while pretending to know more than they really do, or sitting with the blue hairs and hear them say really vague things like "the whole state of the program just seems off.  I get bad vibes about it and I can't put my finger on it."

The latter happened to me.  I was thoroughly annoyed.  I would have rather been around stupid people that I can laugh at.

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Its extremely crowded everywhere in the student section, and some people will be drunk and some people will be swearing.  I would advise not bringing kids that little into it.


October 5th, 2010 at 12:01 PM ^

I don't think the 2nd row of the student section is an appropriate place for 3-5 year olds. Many of the people in the first 5 rows of the student section don't have tickets for those seats to begin with, and are just crowding in there. The students in the front rows have disproportionately pre-gamed. Everyone will be standing on the benches, and your kids won't be able to see. After a score, people will be jumping up and down and the drunk students have a habit of falling onto people in the row in front of them. Profanity is really going to be the least of your concerns.

If it were me, I'd pass on those tickets and get seats in one of the "real people" sections.


October 5th, 2010 at 12:17 PM ^

I'd try to find someone swap seats with you outside the student section.  There will be a lot of swearing, drunkenness and general stupidity going on.  And since it's the MSU game, there will probably be a lot of MSU students in the section too (whether we like it or not).  Every MSU game I went to, they were the ones who were the most vulgar (surprise).  So take that into account too.

I imagine there are some recent alums who didn't get student tickets who would be willing to trade with you.  Maybe put up an ad on craigslist and see what happens.


October 5th, 2010 at 1:24 PM ^

I took my 7 year old to a game and we sat in section 25, around row 25. It was horrible for my kid. Not only are people standing on the ground, they're standing on the benches, so it's double packed. Every five minutes someone is chanting "You Suck!" And my son couldn't see a thing. It was not fun. Try to find other seats. 


October 5th, 2010 at 12:50 PM ^

It's going to be a terrible, terrible environment. The 3 and 5 year old aren't going to be able to see anything because everyone is standing. Everyone is going to be completely hammered and falling all over the place.


I will gladly buy one of those tickets. Seriously, sell it to me.


October 5th, 2010 at 12:52 PM ^

I wouldn't recommend it for the kids. Since the seats are row 2, you will have 3 rows of people standing on their seats in front of you. And once you get that far down the rows have very little slope between them so there is no way the kids will be able to see the game. I'm 6'4" and I had a difficult time seeing parts, mostly the corner of the near endzone,  of the field from row 7 after I moved down from my row 92 seats during the BG game.  Also, since it is row 2 there will be way more people packed down there than there are number of seats.

Also, when a big play happens and everyone starts celebrating your kids may be in danger of someone stumbling into them and potentially pushing them over.


October 5th, 2010 at 1:00 PM ^

Isn't that right around where Lloyd Brady's seat is? Have him autograph your kids' foreheads, and tell them he's a legendary Michigan quarterback AND the star of a classic '90s comedy. They'll love it.


October 5th, 2010 at 1:22 PM ^

3 and 5 year olds can't enjoy the game, really.  It's the event. MSU is not an event day, to enjoy the pageantry, have a day out with the kids, and take them to the bathroom 25 times.  It's hardcore football.  Bowling Green is more for kids those ages, to experience Michigan football. This game is going to be intense, nasty, and probably standing for most of it everywhere, so unless you want the kids to see ass all day, I don't see the point.


October 5th, 2010 at 1:25 PM ^

I would let one of them sit in my row, I have a couple of three hundred pounders in our row who take the obligatory 2.5 to 3 seats.  A small person would balance the row out.   As far as sitting in the student section, no way.  It will be cramped and most likely the language will be rated 14AA.


October 5th, 2010 at 1:42 PM ^

it under any surcumstance sitting there lol. I can see how you are completly torn on this issue, I think for the most part that the people around you should be pretty respectful but at the same time 3:30 start means more drunk people. So it will be a tough decision but i say go for it.


October 5th, 2010 at 1:58 PM ^

For the sake of the students do not bring a couple of little kids into the section.

And for the sake of the kids, sit somewhere where they might actually have a chance of seeing some of the game. The view from down low is terrible.


October 5th, 2010 at 2:04 PM ^

They won't be able to see a thing -- everyone standing around them will block their view, and other people won't let you put them on your shoulders because that'd block the view of those behind you.