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Submitted by decadoug on September 28th, 2010 at 4:41 PM

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this, but I don't know where else to turn to for help.

Short version: Home on leave from Afghanistan in November, I bought tickets for the Michigan vs Wisconsin game on Stubhub.com and I want to know if there's a way to verify they're legit before I drag my wife all the way to AA from Petoskey.


Longer for those who care:

I am deployed in Afghanistan as a Contractor working with the US Army. I was active duty for 10 years (medically chaptered for my back last spring). I LOVE Michigan football, and I'll be home on leave from November 16 - December 6. I've only been to one Michigan game before (2007 UM vs OSU). I received the tickets in the mail and they don't look like the tickets I had for the 2007 game. I would like to make sure these tickets are legit before I drag my wife down to AA. I know some people on this board are associated with, or know people in the Athletic Department, so I was hoping someone could help me out. My wife has the tickets now, and I have a scanned picture of one of them, if anyone can help me out please comment on here and I'll get you my e-mail address or something.



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They will look different that's for sure. But StubHub has a guarantee that the tickets are legit.

I was wondering the same thing last week for the BGSU game. I bought tickets from StubHub, but they looked different than other tickets I saw posted online on eBay and what not. But my worries were a waste of energy as I was able to attend the game. And wow what a great time I had.

Hope this helps you out, have fun watching the Maize and Blue tear it up against the Badgers.


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Well all I can tell you is that there are two types of regular tickets (not sure if the new suites have their own style) that are common. There are the season tickets which have a picture on them, this year of the different stadium rennovations throughout the year. Then there is another kind that is just basic white and has a glossy M on it. That's usually the kind you get when you order anything other than a full season ticket package.


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If you can scan a copy of the tickets (copy and then scan so you can black out the seat info if you want) we can probably "validate" that they are good.  I had the same question about tickets I bought on StubHub for the Illinois game.

And thank you for your service in Afghanistan!  We are indebted to you and happy to help!


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They are white, with the Blue M in the middle, a bar code on the right side (when horizontal). Section 24 Row B. That's why I was concerned that they might be fake, That's as close to mid field in the first row as I could get. Can anyone confirm that that's not in the student section, or a student ticket? If they're legit, I'm going to probably die at the game, especially if we win.


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Sounds about right - also I forgot the student tickets look different than the two I described. I haven't had a student ticket in over 6 years so I can't describe them as well. They used to be solid yellow with a blue M. Not sure now. The one you described sounds about right. Blue M in the middle, white ticket with a bar code and a glossy gold M in the corner.


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You may be able to call StubHub's customer service line (or send them an e-mail or something) to verify their authenticity.  As the other posters have said, StubHub has guarantees in place to protect its customers, so the worst case scenario is that you'll get your money back if the tickets don't work.

But if you want to make damn sure that they're legit, you can probably contact someone at StubHub to make sure.

And of course, your service to this country is appreciated beyond what words can describe.


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1. StubHub is solid, I've never had a problem.  Those tickets sound like what I got for UConn.  Those next to me had fancy season tickets, I assume my seat didn't sell.

2. IF you encounter difficulties, you could put one of these on the wall behind you (unloaded, of course) during a Google Video chat with StubHub:


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is it bad that I'm a computer engineer (no degree, but some certifications and lots of experience) but i'm not sure how to put a picture in here? Man I'm bad with blogs. I'm assuming that I don't need to black out the seat number, there are enought other numbers on there that someone could figure it out anyways.



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I dont trust buying tickets on the net for this exact same reson, so im going to take my chances at the window this weekend in Bloomington. Do I have a legit chance of getting tickets? In the back of my head i always picture IU games with plenty of seats open, i just cant recall a IU-UM game 

Indiana Blue

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Just bought my IU tickets today.  Easiest way ...  call the IU ticket ofice (866 IUSPORTS).

Tell them you want tickets in the visitors section.  At IU the sections are 1 & 2, and 101 & 102.  I got 2 tickets in Sec. 2.  Sounds like a good U of M crowd going (usually is)  -  had a great time in 2006  -  last game before OSU.

You pay over the phone and the tickets can be picked up at any ticket window at the stadium.

IU sells its tickets through Ticketmaster  -  but to get visitor section tickets, you MUST call the IU ticket office.

Go Blue !