Ticket Packs & Individuals On Sale 7/27

Submitted by Blazefire on July 26th, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Just got a U-M Athletics text I thought you'd all be interested in. Ticket packs and single game tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM. The message indicated that this is "Priority Access", so you may have to have some points accumulated with the victors club or something.



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to be for those that are Michigan insiders or liked the Michigan Facebook page or followers on twitter.  Victors club folks got first crack on the 24th, then season ticket holders I believe yesterday, and tomorrow the insiders sale.  General public will get their crack on the 30th.  Sadly there are no more MSU ticket packs available from what I looked at.  Just the UMASS family pack and individual tickets for Air Force, UMASS, Northwestern and Iowa.


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On another note, does anyone have experience on the quality of these seats available? I was thinking of buying some tomorrow the moment it releases and was wondering if there would be any 40 yard line ones or so. I remember two or three years ago I was able to get some for the Oregon game at the 45, face value. But just wondering if it was worth my time. Thanks!


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There is not a bad seat at the big house, in all honesty the worst seats are the ones towards the end zones close to the field. For example the last two seasons, my season tickets were about half way in the end zone in the corner, row 5, and if something was happening at the other end of the field, I had to watch about half the game on the big screen. I'd rather have row 80 than row 5 IMO.

Craze for Maize

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Is there any packs left or did they all sell out when the other priority packs went on sale earlier? I got the text too. I'm not sure if you need points or just enter the code they sent.


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I unfortunately am not gonna be able to attend the UM/bama game which I had my aunt order me tickets for. I do not have my tickets in hand yet as she lives on the west coast and is visiting soon with them. If anyone is interested in them for face value message me and when I receive them will tell you seat locations. I will be watching though when we beat Bama and crying at the same time that I wasn't there for what I feel is gonna be another Michigan classic. Email me at [email protected]


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TO be honest it is kind of getting our of control. I have been a victors club member the previous three years, and have enjoyed the benefits that come with it, but this past year I didn't renew/donate/give what have you, and I also recieved this promo today. It is really not worth buying UMass tickets at face value. I bought tickets v EMU last season for $17 on stub hub two week prior to. All of the available games (aside from Iowa) will cost you less then $75 a few weeks into the season.


To be honest the Athletic Department needs to scale back on letting Victors Club members get like 10 tickets at a time. Last year I checked after I had purchased my tickets, and priority access still had a chance at game packs, Nebraska, and even single OSU tickets. My wife and I went to the Nebraska game last season for $70 a ticket, which was a great value. However, paying $75 to see Northwestern is not quite the same value. Point being, letting Victors Club members gather up all the hgh profile tickets sucks for the general fan, by the time general tickets role around you are probably looking at UMass, Air Force, Illinois, and NW being your only choice at face value.


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Can someone explain the amount of points they had when they were offered season tickets?  I get the basics of Victors Club point accumulation, but how much a year did you donate?


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I've bought tickets through this sale for several seasons in a row now -- we make one annual trip to Ann Arbor to watch a game.  Normally, we end up with the whatever the lowest doman game of the season is - UMass, San Diego State, etc.  Most of the time, we've ended up with tickets in the end zone, in the top 2-3 rows of the stadium.  Normally, I'm buying six at a time, so perhaps you can get better seats if you look for two instead.  Having said that, even the very top row in the end zone is fine. There literally isn't a bad seat in the house, as far as I'm concerned.


July 27th, 2012 at 11:12 AM ^

Got mine this morning! Iowa tickets, in the endzone towards the student section, sixth row! I do something similar to the commenter above: buy some through this public sale to at least one game every year (a tradition started the year after I graduated). Usually opt for the home opener but I wanted to be there for Denard's last game in the winged helmet.