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Submitted by Jmilan on July 16th, 2013 at 8:31 AM
I was looking to hopefully see what the board thought for ticket ideas. See, me and a friend are planning on purchasing tickets for the upcoming season, but we aren't exactly sure on what would be the best idea. I have never been to an actual game and I am sure the experience no matter who we play is amazing, but I kind of like the idea to go to a big time game like ND or OSU for my first ever UM game. Now I know that if we go to UTL the single game tickets are going to be expensive probably around $200 a piece would be my guess. I believe the three ticket pack is fairly reasonable, but my question is should we pay extra to go to a single game (UTL) or do we try to get a three game pack (neb/osu, minn, CMU). Sorry if my grammar is bad, but I'm on my iPhone. Edit: I think after looking at prices and ticket availability, I think Nebraska is going to be our choice.



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Get the three game pack. I think it is a great deal. And yeah games like CMU and Akron are gonna be nothing compared to games like OSU and ND, but the experience of going to a game is still great even against a CMU or Akron. My first game last year was the blowout against Illinois and I still had the best time.


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I have purchased the 3-game packages before I got season tickets. I, personally, liked going to more games - hence the move to purchase season tickets. A buddy of mine has done the 3-game packages before and liked them as well. I don't think you will ever match the UTL 1 game - in preamble, game excitement, and atmosphere. That was such a special experience that UTL 2 will be cool but not the same. You might as well enjoy the additional games especially since these are your first experiences in the stadium.

Charlestown Chiefs

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I'm having the same issue.  Last year it was an option under football tickets.  Glad to know it's not just my account that isn't working.  Hopefully they get this fixed asap.  Phone lines are all busy at the ticket office and say "call back later" as if that is helpful.


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Please elaborate.  Which packs?  How did you find this out?

Been on hold for 23 minutes.  Initially told me I was caller 21 in line, but has stopped telling me that info...  want to know if I should just bag it and go to work.


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1 game from OSU/NEB, MINN/IU, Central/Akron. I'm online and was able to finally get 6 tickets to each game. Just do an order for 2 tickets and then edit your order to 6 and try a couple times until you get 6 together.

EDIT: You must be a season ticket holder or donor to be able to purchase now. 

Charlestown Chiefs

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Here's what you need to do.  I was just at the ticket office and this is the ONLY way I was able to bring up the ticket packs.  My the "my account" page click on buy tickets but don't select a sport.  It should bring up a new page with all the sports listed.  Select football.  Then the 3-game pack should appear.  That is the only way they could find it for me. 

Also: OSU was down to single tickets only within minutes.  Nebraska still has some available.  There is far less selection this year available as they are going to use dynamic pricing for individual sales.  So basically you aren't out of luck for getting tickets, just tickets priced somewhere near normal.  Hope this helps everyone out who can't get through on the phone.


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The novelty of your first game may outdo this, but big games have a MUCH better atmosphere (obviously). UTL was LOUD all game, so much so that that is literally the only time I've lost my voice from yelling so much, but games like EMU or Minnesota (even though they're a "rival") get a little noisy on a third down and on touchdowns. Basically, as obvious as it is, big games are much more enjoyable, but the fact that you're at your first game might make any game great.

His Dudeness

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I went to the first UTL game and it was and always will be the single greatets sporting event I have ever been to.

That said if you want to just see the Big House and what not, take it all in, a middling opponent game is still quite an experience. It just won't be buzzing like it would be at a big game.


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My wife and I go to a game every year, and have a routine of where we stay and all of that. We are unable to make it to a 3 games, so a 3 game pack is out of question. This is a little risky, but we're thinking about driving over for the Ohio game and just going down to the stadium 3-4 hours before the game like we usually do and try and get a ticket outside. I'll bring around $300 and if i get a ticket I get a ticket, if not the bars in AA are still a great place to watch that day. Does anyone think I'll have any luck?


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There are always tickets available outside.  It's just a matter of what you want.  Typically, you're either going to get a really good deal (someone trying to unload them) or a terrible deal because you waited until the last minute.  Plus, you have no idea where you're going to end up.  UTL might be a little different since the demand is already going to be sky high. I'd assume you will pay through the roof


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I've been to enough games it wont break my heart if we cant find a deal........but I think it is worth a try. The only thing im really worried about is the ticket hunting will be cutting into my tailgate time. Plus we'll have to sprint back up the road to get a good seat at the bar if we dont find something we like. The noon kickoff doesnt leave a lot of time for all of this. Im not very in tune to ticket scalping, but i know they have to be sold for face value. Im sure they arent a lot of the times, but I'm hoping with the dynamic ticket pricing that the face value of the 3 game pack tickets will be much less than the single game tickets. If the tickets say $195 or whatever on them then that wont look good. I guess we'll wait and see. 


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My understanding is that the dynamic pricing will not change the printed "face value" of the tickets (i.e., OSU and ND will still be $95 face and all others will be $75 face).  Dynamic pricing just means that UofM will sell you the ND ticket starting at $195 per ticket (and may increase it further based on demand).  I don't think they will reprint the tickets with a new face value based on the dynamic price in effect at the time they sold it.

I don't know about the scalping laws in Michigan, but I know in the New York metro area where I'm from, they repealed the scalping laws to make the secondary market more open (which, in my opinion, was pretty effective in getting rid of the black market).


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Get the package, it'll guarantee you'll see a Mich victory. Nothing worse than spending $300 for a game if it ends up being a loss. I'm looking at you Oregon 2007.


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I'm kinda second guessing myself on something. I bought tickets online the minute they opened at 8:30 and got 3 for Central/Minny/OSU and I wanted to go the cheapest route so chose Endzone for all of them. I was just messing around after and chose Best Available and the better seats around mid-field were the same price for Central/Minny as my Endzone tickets. Was there one fixed price for all of these tickets in the ticket pack and I should have just chosen best available for all games when I initially bought them? For some reason I thought the pricing was going to be tiered according to the PSD.


July 16th, 2013 at 1:31 PM ^

If it makes you feel any better, I'm not sure that there were better seats than that available for The Game.  I kept getting offered tickets in row 80 and above in the end zone.  You definitely could have had better tickets for the other games, but since those are likely to be inexpensive tickets, anyway, you could probably sell yours and buy better ones without it costing you much more than you've already paid.  If you're lucky, you may even be able to save money at the same time.


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