Tick Tock....

Submitted by Hoken's Heroes on November 27th, 2010 at 4:39 PM

....so says the clock that is ticking in regards to RichRod's job security.

No, I am not hinting he will be fired. I am pretty sure that RR will be back next year. The clock that starts ticking after the horrible showing today is about the security of his job. While I agree with the 5 year plan for RR, I just lopped off one year. Next year is do or die for him. The team just never really progressed after the first 5 games and ended up getting worse, in my eyes. RR and staff were fortunate enough to become bowl eligible and that's a big plus. Now, it's about shoring up top D recruits. Do I think the staff will? No. They couldn't for two seasons so why do I think they can now? And why next year is the year for RR to prove he turn this program around. And when I say program, I mean the entire program including the D. How will he do this? I am going to assume Gerg is going to be given his pink slip. And as I have stated ad nauseam, RR needs to hire a DC who will be allowed to PICK HIS OWN STAFF. I don't fully blame Gerg. I also blame the assistants that RR brought with him. Loyalty is an admirable trait but not when your team's defense gets worse and worse 3 years in a row. In fact, the team needs two HC. One for the O and one for the D. But WTF do I know. I still don't think the D will be all that better next year anyways.

And congrats to OSU. They once again took care of their arch rivals with ease.

Here's looking forward to next year.

And yeah, I know we have a bowl game but win or lose, this season was quite disappointing in how it plunged off a cliff.



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strong willed CEO's will make their own informed decision. Brandon will collect all the facts and data he needs to make his decision. He will not let fat rich un-informed alums make the decision. If he let them decide it would have ended after penn state.

Thank you im available all night. I also am a district manager for verizon and if you need a phone let me know.


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Since when has it been acceptable for Hip-Hop fans to lower our standards so much?  I can't believe we're okay with saying Kesha is attractive.  Did you really think three years ago you'd be saying you're okay with Kesha being attractive?  The rich alumns are not okay with this and the record department will hear about this.

Fire Kesha now.


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positive or negative, to create their own thread as if their idea is the most novel and important. go comment in a thread instead of creating a FreeP headline to get attention

Magnum P.I.

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Regarding the defensive recruiting, I'd really like to see GERG depart on Monday. I think the only way we're going to rake in any high caliber defensive guys is if we bring in an exciting DC who relates to players and has credibility for coaching kids up and/or getting them to the league. I hate to say it, but I would not want to come play here if I were a top-end defensive recruit. We need to move on quickly so that we can still salvage this recruiting class on the defensive side.


November 27th, 2010 at 4:54 PM ^

i agree that GERG needs to go on Monday.  But, assuming RR is retained, I think it will be tough to convince a high caliber DC to take this job for two big reasons:

1. RR's Job Security Next Year:  Why would anyone take this job if they know that there's a decent chance they'll be axed next year anyway.

2.  Defensive assistants:  Why would any stud DC want to be forced to work with RR's defensive coaches and be told to run the 3-3-5?  Due to RR's unbreakable loyalty to these guys, I don't see them getting the pink slip.