Thursday Open Thread Oregon vs Arizona State

Submitted by outwest on October 18th, 2012 at 9:51 PM

Oregon is up big early 22 to 7.







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We are not even three minutes into the 2nd quarter and Oregon has over 200 yards rushing with Barner already over 100 yards by himself. The Arizona State defense keeps playing its base "OMG MAKE IT STOP" formation for some reason....

EDIT: Skip that, Mariota scores on a keeper. We are now at almost 300 yards rushing for Oregon at 12:20 in the 2nd quarter. Arizona State is now down 36-7. 


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Mortenson was saying on ESPN Radio today that there will a couple NFL teams that will be making a hard play for Kelly to become their coach. He thinks he will leave this time. Cleveland is one that apparently might be interested. Jacksonville could use some sizzle as well.

The NCAA deal is moving at a glacial pace but notice of allegations should be coming down anytime. They are likely looking a severe beatdown in sanctions. This is Kelly's last season there in all likelihood.

Enjoy the show while it lasts. It is fun to watch.  Amazing in some ways.


October 19th, 2012 at 10:58 AM ^

I think that there's a greater likelihood that Kelly gets a show-cause letter than Texas hiring the guy.  Oregon used university funds to bribe a "scout" to steer a 5* recruit there, and then they tried to hide it by asking that "scout" to produce some worthless scouting data.  Fortunately, that "scout" was stupid and lazy enough to make the data so worthless that nobody with a straight face could say that it was legitimate.  This cheating scandal would be much bigger news had it not been for Jerry Sandusky.


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Does it mean that the game is effectively over when we've begun to concentrate on Chuckbox burgers in the ESPN booth?

"This is pretty damn good....oh, yeah, Taylor Kelly slides to make it 2nd and short...."


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So, we went through all that apparent indecision so Oregon could punt it away and ASU could get two yards on a run? Someone has been going to the Zook School Of Clock Management, majoring in "What To Do With No Useful Time Left", it seems....


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Normally, I'd be in class from 5-9:50, but both my classes were canceled. I probably wouldn't normally be able to relax on a Thursday night. 

I love watching Oregon, WVU, Clemson, etc., but they're not Michigan. I enjoy watching them, but they're not a team I have ties to or care about. Michigan is my blood.


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I put $500 on this game. Oregon -10 ... -105 .... I thought I misread the line when i first read it. Easy money. And the line actually moved to -9 ... no idea what people were thinking.


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Yes, Bama would beat Oregon, but the matchup would be awesome anyway.  A worthy test for the Ducks offense and a worthy test for the Bama defense.  Can't ask for much better.


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...but Oregon's offense is actually good. I don't think anyone was saying "LSU offense against Alabama's defense is going to be awesome." LSU was not good on offense the first game, and they were terrible in the national championship game. While Oregon's offense may be "simple," they have a lot of wrinkles and they keep an extremely fast pace. They've got some great playmakers too. 


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I wish we saw more Grice, Marshall, and Foster. I feel like they're the best playmakers on the ASU team and they haven't gotten enough touches. This game was over after Sutton went down though. I just think we're not seeing the best from ASU. Oregon is just a significantly better team though.


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Man, Harbaugh just declined safety. Game over at 13-6 SF. Would have been 15-6 if he had.

 I think the spread was 7 or 8.  LOL

It was the right call, but a lot of people should be freaking upset.


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Makes you wonder sometimes if some of these guys know these things in the back of their minds.  I know I know, NO, they don't pay attention to Vegas.  It's just funny how some of these games end though and how it affects the "spread", Vegas, and lots of money for lots of people!

On a side note, and this annoys me so I'm going to comment, Rece Davis after talking about the Notre Dame schedule throws in the"...We know Michigan isn't who we thought they were..".  Yet they're rated No.5 because of wins over teams such as Michigan and Sparty.  I know I'm preaching to the choir but good lord listening to the talking heads of college football anymore is just turrible (it extends way beyond them talking down or about the team I cheer for, by the way).


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I think they both would've brought similar attributes to the program even if they're two different personalities. Harbaugh is extremely intense while Hoke is more laid back. However, they both have deep Bo connections and believe in a tough running game and a physical defense. I don't think Michigan wouldn't have been that different. They're both great coaches. 

I love Hoke unconditionally, but I don't think things would've been drastically different with Harbaugh.