Thursday Night NCAAFB: Nebraska vs K-State

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7:30p, ESPN/ESPN3

Taylor Martinez, and the #4 rushing team in the nation host a K-State team that, much like Indiana was prior to last wek, is undefeated after playing a hosts of near no ones.

K-State isn't all that bad. They do have wins over UCLA which looks better now than it did in week one. They also have a win over UCF, who for those who watched Wednesday night, looks like a half way decent win. They also have a win over Iowa State in the Big 12, which, that may mean nothing, but hey, Iowa State beat Texas Tech?

K-State fans are also pushing for running back Daniel Thomas for Heisman consideration. He currently has 628 yards on 105 carries (6.0 average). That puts him 5th in the nation rushing, just 277 yards behind whoever that guy leading the nation in rushing is.

Yes, that guy.

Anyway, over on the Nebraska side, we've got defense and we've got the vaunted Nebraska option. No, not the old option of Eric Crouch or past Nebraska QBs. I'm talking the zone read with freshman Taylor Martinez. The guy isn't any Denard, but he's plenty fast. Nebraska is currently #4 in rushing yards per game (309/game). The Huskers currently are 11th in points per game at 40. More astounding is that they also have a top 10 defense in terms of points allowed (#7 at 12.8 per game).

The line is Nebraska by 10.5, 11, or 11.5 depending your source. O/U is around 47 or 47.5. I'm liking Nebraska to cover and taking the under. Both the running games should slow the pace down a bit, at least if K-State can stay on the field long enough to do it.

Discussion goes here.

Thought to ponder: is cheering for Nebraska fine? They're going to call us a rival in 10 years. Should I get the hate started already?



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does anybody have a slingbox? i'd like to "test drive" someone's for a half hour some time to see how it works and how feasible an option it is over returning to Comcast and putting up with their... ahem... "garbage"


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K-State has already had their bye week, so Daniel Thomas's yards are coming from only 4 games as compared to Denard's 5. That said, I don't think there's any way shape or form that Denard isn't the frontrunner at this point, but Thomas would likely be higher than 5th in the nation if given an extra game, and he's a much larger part of that offense than those numbers would indicate (Carson Coffman is inconsistant at best, bad at worst).

As someone who grew up in Manhattan, KS but is now attending UM I'm rooting for both to do well. Hopefully the Wildcats can pull off the upset tonight, and the Wolverines can take care of business this weekend.


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I like the Huskers in a high scoring one sided affair. Took them giving 11 and the over at 48. Neb 35 - 14. And if my bet doesn't pan out then yes, we can definitely start the hate train. Awwww to hell with it. Let's start it anyway.


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Cheering for Nebraska is not only fine, I'd encourage it.  We want the B10 to be perceived as the hardest/best conference.  Look at the SEC, they obviously don't have the depth of conference teams that they did the last 3 years, but people still perceive them as being the best because they recently did.  The B10 is in the rare position of being able to root for what is essentially a conference team in every single one of its games without any of those games coming at the expense of another conference mate losing the game.

Should Nebraska go on to do great things in the bowl season (i.e. BCS bid) and then enter the B10, it's not unlikely that the B10 would be the first and only conference to have 3 teams that went to BCS bowls the previous year.

Besides, Nebraska is going to be in our division.  That means that we can beat them later but it will be all the sweeter if people perceive them as being an unstoppable juggernaut.

As a side note, I think that the B10 going to divisions almost guarantees that the B10 will be perceived as a stronger conference.  Right now, when you think of the best teams in the B10 you think of OSU, Iowa, and (to a lesser extent) Wisconsin.  Obviously that will change, but most people would put them at the top of the conference right now.  That means that those 3 teams have to represent 11 teams.  Meanwhile, the SEC has 2 divisions.  Their top teams are Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and... LSU?  But, even though Florida and LSU are very questionable, the SEC is perceived as being better because you think of divisions- in other words 'Bama and Auburn only have to represent 6 teams and Florida and LSU only have to represent 6 teams also.  They don't have to represent 12 teams.  At least that's my (poorly explained] theory.

So, go 'Huskers!

Yinka Double Dare

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I predict that Nebraska offense vs. K-State defense will look not a lot different than our offense vs. IU's defense.  K-State's run defense is in the triple digits in rank.  Thatsa no good when you're playing a team that runs it as well as Nebraska does.


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I love having May on the bandwagon.  Even when he's talking about an SEC qb in the pregame of a Big XII Thursday night game, he gives Denard some love.  While I'm sure we can all agree that not all press is good press, this is the kind of ubiquitous exposure that is great for the program.


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Does anybody else remember when this was one of the biggest games in the country for a few years?  Should be a good atmosphere at that high school stadium in Manhattan (NNTM).


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I hope it never happens, but I definitely see the appeal being in the national spotlight.  The only way it would ever happen is for a road non-conference game and Notre Dame won't do it, so really I am not worried.  Curious what you guys think?

Blue in Saint Lou

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Every time an announcer mentions Denard take a drink. I am SO enjoying Michigans "return to relevance" in the eyes of national media. Its fun to have people talking about our team for good reasons.


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Nebraska definitely looks like the class of the Big 12.  Martinez looks very dangerous, but the hits he takes look very stiff.  You would think the coaches are hammering on him to go lower, but I've seen a couple of big-time hits already, including one that caused a fumble.