Thursday Night Football

Submitted by Avant's Hands on September 25th, 2014 at 8:13 PM

Well, if anyone else has the stomach to watch football there are actually a couple decent games on tonight. Texas Tech and OSU are currently throwing the ball all over the field. Still 7-7 but this one will be a shootout. Also, OSU is dressed up as the Browns for some reason. App St and Georgia St are also playing.

The most interesting game will be later tonight when UCLA plays ASU. Could be a really good game for a Thursday night. And could actually be the best game of the week.

There is also an NFL game starting soon. Redskins vs Giants I believe. So if anyone really wants to watch Cousins play, this is your chance.



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College football is the best. i hope Ok St and ASU win tonight! Been looking forward to watching the UCLA-ASU matchup all week actually! Interested in how ASU will perform with their backup QB.


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Both UCLA and ASU seemed to have QB injuries although Hundley's shoulder one seems less serious.   I am a big Todd Graham advocate but his QB has a foot injury which seemed relatively serious (Graham is indicating he could be back soon though) and dude lost 9 of his 11 defensive starters this year.  Kelly is not Denard but he ran for 600 yards last year so even when he comes back he is going to be lose that part of his game.  Graham is going to have to pull a rabbit out of his hat to win this one vs an underachieving UCLA.   Unless Hundley is out too.

/I now watch football games to observe potential future UM head coaches


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I love Tech's offense spread + tempo = fun.  I know neither team is breaking the scoreboard, but it just feels so wide open.  I guess I'm just projecting or jealous lol...

Anyway, I'm pretty excited for the ASU game.  Although with Kelly out and Hundley questionable (probably will play), I'm thinking ASU might be in trouble.  

However, if you haven't seen ASU WR Jaelen Strong play before, he's a pretty damn good player.  He kinda pops out of the screen as "oh yeah he'll be playing on Sunday" - like Funchess but born and bred as WR (i.e. a bit more polished).  I hope Bercovici can get him the ball a lot - they are going to need it.  ASU's skill position players are all pretty solid all around though.  Their RB DJ Foster is a stud - good size, speed, and vision.  

I really hope its a good game because as you guys said the "game of the week" is on Thursday... bleh.  


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Texas Tech just passed 250 yards of offense with that drive and TD pass and the Oklahoma State secondary just looksa bit lost so far. Right now, it's 275 yards total with 228 of those being through the air. It's 654 yards per play, but consider 33 passing plays to only 9 rushing plays. Oklahoma State is playing with that "Big XII mindset" on defense so far certainly. 


Avant's Hands

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Josh Furman makes a tip for an interception for Okie St. I didn't realize he even played there. As a linebacker? And then TT screws up downfield ball skills and OSU scores in one play. 21-14 OSU


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Texas Tech has gained 340 yards but is only managing about 0.23 points per play, so the object lesson here is that you can be a pass-heavy team playing a team with a so-so pass defense at best and still be losing at the half if you are only 27-45 with 12.59 yards per completion. Big XII indeed.


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TE Larry Donnell for the Giants has 3 tds tonight. If he's available in your league, grab him.

Kork needs to lose the doofy sleeves on his jersey. He looks like an 8yo


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How is that a penalty?  Reciever runs down middle of field and after catching ball lowers head into defender who led with shoulder into his chest BUT because reciever dropped head they make helmet to helmet contact.  How can the defender anticipate where the reciever is going to put HIS head immediately before contact?


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I mean, I'm a guy who thinks DBs get robbed in todays game, but that particular type of hit isn't needed...two guys came from both sides and crashed into his head. I'm okay with that being a penalty, we gotta start preserving quality of life for these guys.

I get what you mean, its impossible for some of these defenders to anticipate what "movements" the offensive players are going to do in certain instances, but again, the type of hit a few minutes ago is a bit much, siss-ifying the game, be damned.


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It took several minutes of close-up shots on the HD to figure out what in the fuck is on the OSU helmets, and I still haven't been able to figure out what's on the TT helmets.

Too much Illustrator and not enough talent is a bad recipe.


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There's even an article on MLive about Cousins' appearance on South Park. I thought it was actually a pretty funny episode. Unfortunately for Kork though, they didn't mention his name during the show and basically just had his character standing in the background.


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They're the softest 3-0 team in the country, not looking like a top 15 team in any of them.

  1. Offense was terrible vs UVA and they were only saved by numerous gift TDs.
  2. Got in a shootout with Memphis(!). Memphis
  3. Barely beat a terrible Texas team fresh off being bludgeoned into paste by BYU

Arizona State 45


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I agree UCLA has been soft this year but ASU lost its star QB and has 2 starters returning to the defense from 2013.  I think they gave up something like 28 to Colorado which is a bad team.

Will be interesting to see if UCLA improves as the year goes by - if not Mora Jr probably should have jumped to the NFL when his stock was super high