Thursday night college basketball thread

Submitted by jmblue on January 26th, 2012 at 9:23 PM

Any/all CBB information is welcome.

Nebraska just won in Iowa, 79-73.  Iowa is impossible to figure out, having beaten Michigan, and Wisconsin and losing to a bunch of mediocre teams.  Nebraska, after an 0-4 start in conference play, is showing signs of life.  We have to travel to Lincoln a few days after MSU . . . that may not be an easy trip.

Wisconsin hosts Indiana now on ESPN2.  Interesting matchup.  UW has really picked it up all of a sudden and is 16-5 overall now and 5-3 in league play.  IU comes to Crisler next week; they've been in a bad slump, although they just blew out PSU.



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At Nebraska could really be a challenge for us, they can be deadly from the 3pt line (I know we can too, but..) and they've been pretty steady at home during B1G play. Conference play this year has been fun to watch, I found myself invested in the Illini-PSU game last Thursday and the Neb-Iowa game today, it's also great seeing your team tied for 1st in the league.


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Glad to see a different thread not related to Garnett/fallout from his decision.

I'm not really too worried about IU at Crisler, these games against OSU and MSU have my attention


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In other news if anyone around here cares, the Women's Baketball team just lost badly to PSU. Just an all around bad game for pretty much our whole team and they were on fire all game. They have been doing pretty well, especially at home so I was surprised that this happened.


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Indiana has now lost 19 of their last 20 road games against Big Ten teams, the lone win being a 5 point escape at lowly Penn State a couple weeks ago. 

I want revenge at Crisler next week.