Thursday MBB (non-Big Ten) Open Thread

Submitted by Avant's Hands on March 14th, 2013 at 1:22 PM

I know there is a BTT thread, and I'm sure there will be a Michigan game thread, but I thought we could have a general conference tournament thread now that all of the big tourneys have started. It's a little weird that we don't need to watch any of these games for bubble purposes, but seeding could come into play.

In that spirit, Georgetown had a huge lead on Cincy early, but Cincy has come back to within a point early in the second half. A Georgetown loss would help us get to the 2 line if we win a few games.

And for anyone worried about the bubble, OU is beating Iowa St. by 8 at the half.

For anyone looking for something to watch during commercials of the Michigan game, Pitt and Syracuse should be a good game.

Edit: Sorry for the confusion, there is already a BTT thread. Mods can merge the threads if that works better. Just wanted to make a general college basketball thread.



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Minnesota-Illinois is interesting.  Is it a de facto play-in game for the tournament?  The loser will be 8-11 in league play. 



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They have an RPI in the mid 20s and it will stay there as a loss to Illinois isn't going to hurt them.  The team with the best RPI ever left out of the tournament from a power conference was Cincinatti and their RPI was #40 (2006).  Only one teams with an RPI in the 20s has ever been left out (Missouri St. 2006).  

Avant's Hands

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Cincy actually took the lead momentarily, but G'town is back up 5 now.

In other bubble news (I guess we can keep track for Iowa) Southern Miss has a small lead over UAB in the first half. Iowa could really use a USM loss.

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Georgetown has taken control of their game, so no luck for us there. Oklahoma and ISU are coming down to the end in a close game.

And for anyone that just likes good finishes, Charlotte and Richmond have a good one going on NBCSN. Richmond is nailing their free throws down stretch to continually maintain a one point lead after Charlotte makes a fast lay up every time they get the ball. 6 seconds left, Richmond back up 3, Charlotte ball.

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Holy crap! I've never seen this happen at the end of a basketball game. Richmond fouled Charlotte quickly since they were up 3. Charlotte went to the line for a 1and 1 with 4.7 seconds left. Charlotte makes the first free throw and as the ball goes in a Richmond player shoves a Charlotte player down and gets called for a technical. Now Charlotte gets two extra free throws and the ball. Going to the line down by three they will now have a chance to go up by three without taking any time off the clock if they get fouled after the technical free throws. Wow!

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Charlotte hit all four free throws and got fouled. The Richmond coach then complained about that call so much he got a double technical and got fouled. In the end, Charlotte got to shoot 10 free throws in a span of two seconds. They made 8 of 10 to turn a 3 point deficit into a 5 point win. I don't even...

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I know everyone is busy watching some Big Ten game, but Pitt is busy chipping away at a large Syracuse lead. The Cuse have been hot from deep, but Pitt is back to being down 7 and they have th ball. 9 to go in this one. And a 3 for Pitt!

Butler is also in a tight one with Dayton. Up two in the second half.

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NC St. won if anyone cares. Pitt had a chance to cut it to 3 with free throws, but Syracuse is back up 6 with the ball. 90 seconds left. Pitt just can't finish.


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Arizona State is up 1 on UCLA with about 4:30 left to play. Actually found a radio station with this one going, so I have been listening to it while dinner is cooking. Checking the stats, it's pretty close all around - UCLA has 7 turnovers to ASU's 5 but still UCLA is outshooting ASU by a fair margin in this game. That being said, UCLA also is getting rebounds too - more than Arizona State, in fact. 

Shabazz Muhammad just missed a layup to attempt to give UCLA the lead. Time runs short for the Bruins. 

Avant's Hands

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UCLA finished off the win and now ASU has to sweat out the bubble, possibly along with Oklahoma (although I think they are in).

Edit: Meant to say I think Oklahoma is in. Not sure about ASU, but the comment below makes me think probably not. Help for Iowa at least.


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The race to the bottom is over. You win, whoever you are. There's no need for anyone to go digging through their granddaughters' Princess dresses to try to imagine something uglier.

They're even worse than the pictures, which I didn't think possible.


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Iowa wins, Boise & Arizona State lose, and Baylor is down 10 with 11 minutes to go. If Iowa knocks off MSU tomorrow, I gotta believe they're in.