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In Three and Out - The QB's talk about when they were being recruited.  Devin jokes about only taking one visit and Michigan not giving him anything.  They don't say Denard specifically, but the other QB talked about visiting SEC schools...

One powerful SEC school had  2 attractive coeds waiting in his bed when he got back to his hotel room.

Another SEC school gave him a rental car for the weekend and told him "you dont have to return that".

The third SEC school promised to pay for his sister's tuition.

I'm sure no one is surprised by this, but I took a look at the SEC schools Denard visited and Flordia and Georgia must be two of them.  Not sure what other SEC school he visited, maybe Auburn?  Urban Meyer was at Florida at this time and of course now he's probably back to his old ways at OSU.

I'd love to hear more recruiting stories.  I'm kind of surprised more recruits don't talk about what they were offered.  I remember seeing a Clemson freshman posting a pic of him on twitter with a stack of cash.  Another player (at Auburn maybe) posted pics of a brand new black Camaro. 



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Well it was left vague, but it leaves a question of whether Tate Forcier had any SEC visits. I don't know because I wasn't closely following recruiting at that time.

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And also read that portion... there was little question it was about a certain recruit from Deerfield Beach, Florida.

What an amazing coincidence it was that not one poor young lady mistakenly entered the recruit's room to go to bed, but TWO!  I sure hope the res hall officials helped these young women find their way back to their appropriate lodging...

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After resurrecting all the buried emotions and feelings we've worked so hard to move on from, the second season is easily the worst.  Reading about Tate throwing that pick in East Lansing, or the defense laying down to die in Illinois... well, there's a reason we remember the good in life and forget the bad.  This book, as amazing as it is, is not that reason.


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It would not be wise for Urban to do anything that will bring the NCAA back to OSU. They just found out that they are not untouchable. I really think they thought the NCAA was in their back pocket.


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Does anyone else wonder how much the GIRLS are getting compensated?  I mean, they are prosititutes by definition, but they must be getting enough to not want to raise a stink.


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believe men in powerful positions automatically and completely lose all ability to decipher between right and incomprehensibly wrong.  I do not believe that Nick Saban, Urban Meier, and Les Miles smile and interact appropriate with other people, buy coffee at the Dunkin Donuts on the way to the office before leaving a modest tip, pick up a copy of USA today and then slip into their office to become sociopaths willing to completely abandon any moral compass of any kind to lure players to their school.  Do I believe players get paid at time, yes.  Do I believe players get cars at times, yes.  Do I believe players have their sisters tuition payed for, yes.  Do I believe tha coaches participate in the recruitment of two female college students, pay them, and see to it that they await a football recruit in bed to have sex with him, turning them from student to prostitute?  Yes, just before returning home to bath in the blood of sacrificed people chained in their basement and sharpening wooden bullets to get them through metal detectors.  Come on guys. 


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the "game" is played a little differently south of the mason dixon line.  most coaches turn a blind eye to the tactics of boosters, while others are more directly involved.  this is why i've always thought of osu as a southern school.


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True.  And now that I think about it, I know there were a good handful of girls at my alma mater , which was a pretty solid D-III program, seemed enamored by football players.  And we were a pretty small school, so multiply this by at least 10, and I'm sure you're bound to find some girls that are willing.  Although, the girls at my college were shacking up with players, and not recruits.

I guess I'm not too surprised by the story. I mean, come on:  

Female + Denard's smile = you do the math...


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Was never sure if she got tip offs, but she knew when the big recruits (make your own joke) were coming to town, and continued with the players who ended up on the team, and then followed the NBA too.  And other sports. Coaches too.  It was just kinda her thing. I don't think they were actively paying her. But they were disduading her, and for someone who wasn't sure who was ranked where, she knew a lot about when they were coming to town.  So someone was letting her know.  Take that for what it's worth.


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Denard also visited UCF, which is as dirty as it gets.

Florida and Georgia are widely regarded as being "clean" as far as college football programs go (as far as I've heard).

SEC West + South Carolina and Clemson on the other hand...

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I'm not sure that I would necessarily equate arrests with the cleanliness of a program.  We all think of Michigan as clean but over the years M football players have been arrested (and kicked off of the team) for everything from drugs to masturbating on someone's porch. 

The description of a program as clean tends to hae more to do with the program's record of NCAA compliance.


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Am i the only one around here who is really, really tired of the "Urban Meyer is a cheater" meme?    The dude may not be a the strictest disciplinarian in the world, may believe that oversigning is just pushing the current rules to their limits while not technically breaking them, may have an affinity for coeds (allegedly), may have serious health issues (allegedly) and may or may not want to spend more time with his family.

But the dude can flat out coach and last time I checked, none of his previous three schools got in any trouble of any severity with the NCAA.  Can we please just let this one die on the same pile we burned the old RR, Penn State & look how funny Sparty is cause their mad we got to go to a BCS game and they didn't posts?


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Your kidding right?

Bowling Green        17-6

Utah                          22-2

Florida                      65-15

Plus two MNCs.  I'd say the jury is in on his coaching abilities.  Wishful thinking Mgoblog board posters notwithstanding.