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Come one, come all! The person to find the dumbest/most stupid looking/lamest/strange college football trophy wins the internets.

My vote- the Land Grant Trophy. Part of the fictional rivalry between penn state and sparty. This thing is one big clusterfuck of awful. 




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Good God. These schools should be embarrassed to be playing for such trophies.

The Little Brown Jug has a history that's epic, not only for the reason it was bought but because it was part of an actual Michigan/Minnesota game 110 years ago.

And so began the rest of the college football world inventing trophies that really have nothing to do with their history. You grab the first animal, appliance or fairy tale character that comes to mind, put it on top of a plaque, and then tell two random schools to play for it every years.

ETA: Never knew Notre Dame and Stanford played for a punch bowl.


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I don't watch the CFL let alone CIS football but I do think this one deserves mention. I present to you the PANDA GAME! A cross-town rivalry game, between the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees and Carleton Ravens, that surely causes panda-monium when played.

This game will be played on Saturday for the first time in 15 years as Carleton had shut-down its football program following the 1998 season.


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Crab Bowl trophy for the Maryland vs. Navy game. It's a bowl, with crab in it, that was created a few years ago for two teams that haven't really played each other since the 60's. It's a stupid trophy for a pretty much non existent "rivalry."

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This one made me chuckle. And it was from the Bleacher Report-

It's called the CMU/WMU Rivalry Trophy


This creatively-named trophy is another new one to the landscape of college football. This trophy, curiously enough, is awarded to the winner of the Central Michigan-Western Michigan football game each year. Imagine that.

The trophy was introduced in 2008 for a reason that remains a mystery. The two teams have been playing each other almost yearly since 1907. So why not introduce a trophy after 100 years?

On top of this rather plain looking trophy is a cannon, which is supposedly there to represent the cannons at both CMU and WMU that are fired after every score.

A bland trophy added to a heated in-state rivalry after a century had already gone by? What's the point?


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Louisville-Cincinnati...The keg of nails? Dumb. 

or the victory barrel between NC State and ECU.

You can't put your names on a wooden barrel and call it a rivalry.



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They play Minnesota for Floyd of Rosedale (which was a live pig at first) and Wisconsin for the Heartland Trophy. Minnesota and Wisconsin battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe.


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Actually a neat "behind the scenes" history to that: racism.  Minnesota had a star back in the 30s named Ozzie Simmons who happened to be black.  The Iowa team took exception to that and injured/targeted him.  The next year the governors got to smacktalking and thus the bet was a prize Minnesota pig.


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I live in the Twin Cities and know quite a few people who have gone to those respective schools. They take Trolling very seriously. 

Another god awful trophy from around this area is the War on I 94...Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Wisconsin-Stout started playing in 1917, but the trophy was introduced 2 years ago. Who doesn't get pumped up playing for a wooden interstate sign?

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Any trophy established before 1970 (or choose your preferred year) is a winner, I don't care what it looks like.  Anything established since them is merely an attempt to recreate the tradition of older trophies.  

In any event, I'll throw in LSU-Arkansas as the worst: 


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Nothing to contribute, but this thread is awesome. Sombody should do a poll for the board to vote for worst trophy, but it's impossible to choose.


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but Case and Wooster play for a stringer of golden fish:


The winner each year gets a new fish on its end of the stringer--you get a pike or bass for a blowout, a bluegill or perch for a close win.


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The Territorial Cup between Arizona and ASU is hands-down the stupidest trophy.  Not because the trophy itself is all that stupid, but because the schools trumpet it as "the oldest rivalry trophy in college sports."  The cup was awarded to ASU (by God knows who) for going undefeated in the state (then territory) of Arizona in 1899, and then was promptly lost until 1980 when someone dug it up somewhere and stashed it in the university archives.  In 2001 ASU decided to make it a rivalry trophy between them and UA.  So it's the oldest object being used as a trophy.  Lame, since the history of the Brown Jug runs a hell of a lot deeper.

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The best are the ones that didn't begin as trophies, but were just random stuff that teams decided to play for.  Any trophy that actually began its life as a trophy is not the same.    


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All of this shows that the Little Brown Jug is so cool that everyone wants a piece of it, even if they have to just make shit up.

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