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Every thread not matter the subject ends up being the same thing. At least you don't have to scroll through miles to get through this one.

Come know you want to.

I'll start: Glen Steele likes Brady Hoke more than you do-

"Coach Hoke has a defensive mind-set, he's a defensive guy, and he loves to coach — he loves what he's doing and being around the guys," said Glen Steele, a defensive end on Carr's 1997 national championship team, which had Hoke as its defensive line coach.
"I'm a huge supporter of Coach Hoke. When you're looking for someone to come in and address where this team is and where it could be, I don't think there's any better guy."

"It's hard to characterize him because he's such an overall good guy," Steele said. "But he knows when to kick it up, and he also knows when to say to a player: 'Hey, we've got to re-focus and get this done.'
"With coaches, there's always a point where screaming and yelling and getting guys fired up is important, and then there's the time when you say: 'Hey, we're all in this together and we've gotta pick it up.' With a coach like him, you don't have to throw fuel on the fire. Players wantto play for him."

(From the dreaded Henning article that Brian linked from the DetNews)

Don't feel you have to talk about Hoke. Open CC/Brandon/everything ever other thread is.

Anyone subjecting themselves to the Bowl with (nt)Miami and MTS?



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And this is what I need for the coach search (Fear and Loathing on the Coach Search Campaign or something like that)...

We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers...also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of beer, a pint of raw ether, and two dozen amyls.


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I have no problem with the head coaching long as he is willing to bring in the great Ron English, who doesn't seem to be having too much fun at Eastern.


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Cam Cameron.

On Bo's staff, check.
Head coaching experience, in the Big Ten and NFL, check.
Midwestern ties, check
Was a graduate assistant with Mike Trgovac, for what it's worth.
Works for a Harbaugh, check.

I understand, it's hard to see a successful NFL offensive coordinator being eager to leave that position.  I understand that he was 18-37 at Indiana.  I understand that he was 1-15 as the Dolphins head coach.  But if we're just going for off the wall ideas, is this wholy unfeasible?


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We'll Hire Mike Hart as our head coach, then put Charles Woodson as the defensive coordinator and Desmond Howard as the offensive coordinator.  Tom Brady could be the QB coach, Wheatley the backs coach, Long the line coach, and then we could have Branch be the D-Line Coach, and Woodley to be the Linebackers coach.  All Michigan Men!


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and I'm a diehard Um fan and reader of this blog everyday for three years (just now signing up).  I obviously listen to the SD sports radio to hear the opinions of people regarding Hoke.  I'm not enamored with the guy for all the reasons people have stated but I will say this.  I have never heard anyone out here, a past player, or someone who knows him say anything but great things.

Everyone out here loves the guy and they can not stand the thought of losing him.  They were up in arms today because it was reported he did not buy a house here and only rents demonstrating he never intended to stay long.  I don't like the idea of the dark age Michigan coach yet if he can get an o coordinator that is progressive and d coordinator with a pedigree of succes, then I think he would have a fighting chance.  The players as SDSU love him, everyone says he is a great recruiter, and the praise he gets from past coaching mates is impressive.

Beyond all that, the thing that would prevent me from pulling my hair out were he hired is this: his dream is to be the coach at UM, he has told everyone forever, and anyone who has that much passion for the university and team should get some slack when it comes to lack of experience or age (my humble opinion)


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I haven't read anyone's thoughts here about Chuck Heater, though I have seen his name brought up elsewhere. I actually think he could be a really good option, given his defensive and recruiting background. He played at Michigan with DB and has a background as an assistant in the midwest (OSU, Wisconsin, and ND). Since he wasn't retained at Florida now that Meyer is gone, I think he could be a great snag.