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Every thread not matter the subject ends up being the same thing. At least you don't have to scroll through miles to get through this one.

Come know you want to.

I'll start: Glen Steele likes Brady Hoke more than you do-

"Coach Hoke has a defensive mind-set, he's a defensive guy, and he loves to coach — he loves what he's doing and being around the guys," said Glen Steele, a defensive end on Carr's 1997 national championship team, which had Hoke as its defensive line coach.
"I'm a huge supporter of Coach Hoke. When you're looking for someone to come in and address where this team is and where it could be, I don't think there's any better guy."

"It's hard to characterize him because he's such an overall good guy," Steele said. "But he knows when to kick it up, and he also knows when to say to a player: 'Hey, we've got to re-focus and get this done.'
"With coaches, there's always a point where screaming and yelling and getting guys fired up is important, and then there's the time when you say: 'Hey, we're all in this together and we've gotta pick it up.' With a coach like him, you don't have to throw fuel on the fire. Players wantto play for him."

(From the dreaded Henning article that Brian linked from the DetNews)

Don't feel you have to talk about Hoke. Open CC/Brandon/everything ever other thread is.

Anyone subjecting themselves to the Bowl with (nt)Miami and MTS?



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The last line of Gary Patterson's career bio on wikipedia reads...

"After a successful career at TCU, Patterson left the program on January 6 to become the head coach of the University of Michigan football team. He stated his need for good, discounted pizza as a main reason in accepting the offer."


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I'd have felt better if he'd have come out saying I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream; that's my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor... and surviving. 


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DB intentionally waited to fire RR because all the current high value job openings at the time?

Think about it...If RR would have stepped in to the FL or U, imagine what might have transpired.  In my opinion, he would have been a strong candidate for either of those jobs.  If he would have landed a job in FL, imagine the potential transfers [Denard].  

By the way, has anybody heard any info regarding players wanting to transfer.  I know it’s early, but usually this type of thing solicits an emotional response.


Tully Mars

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As I proposed to my wife on bended knee, I blanked and said that our love was like little cesear's  pizza (which happened to be sitting in the kitchen waiting for us to eat it for dinner).  To my surprise my wife got it wrong.  She though our love was "Quick and Easy".  I had to correct her that it was "Hot and Ready".


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I think you should seek professional help now - your obsession with me is not healthy and I'm starting to get worried about you. You and I can never be together. I've got a wife, a family. I'm not about to lose all that just to be with you. (Do you see what I did there?)

Go on ahead now, run along and get a life. That's it . . . keep going . . . you're doing great!


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Only after he conquers the B1G, SEC, couple Rose Bowls, and a few national championships. His fatal mistake will be aggressively recruiting in the UP for strong Scandinavian men for the defensive line. After being caught in a Lake Superior lake effect snowstorm and not showing for work for many days, DB will have no choice but to buy Isle Royale and send Barwis up to track him and show him the way of the wolf. He will return again however.