Thoughts on what Urban Meyer to Ohio could mean for Michigan

Submitted by Braylon1 on November 27th, 2011 at 9:10 PM

To me, the rivalry will remain as competitive as the talent Michigan is bringing in on a yearly basis. I am not scared of Urban Meyer and his coaching ability. No coach is infallible.  I am however very concerned about the positive impact he could make for Ohio recruiting.

My worries with regards to Urban Meyer and his potential staff's coaching ability have been put to rest by the restored faith I have in Borges and the knowledge that Mattison is an absolute badass. Make no mistake, what Borges has done is amazing. I didn't think he'd be able to do this well while adjusting to a completely different QB compared to his past QB's.. Borges has not been perfect, but if he can do this with Denard then I am looking forward to watching Michigan with his style QB's. As for Mattison, given his age, I'm only worried about when he'll retire.

I don't believe there's a single fan base in the country that wants to win more than Ohio fans. I don't believe there's a single athletic department that conducts themselves like they want to win more than Ohio, even if that means playing dirty. Now you add Urban Meyer to the equation, and who knows what will happen. They will have a lot of advantages.
So, what are your thoughts? I'm a bit of a pessimist as of late, so I can see Urban Meyer just coming in and bringing Ohio back  to Tressel era recruiting instantly, if not better.

What are your thoughts?

*per scout, also heard Urban Meyer wants lower admission standards at Ohio



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Mods: When time am I scheduled to start the thread regarding my thoughs on the Urban Meyer hiring?  I know we want to get a new post up every 15 minutes or so on him and I didn't want to miss my slot.


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I don't think Ohio can afford anymore shadiness. Especially in recruiting. Meyer is a hell of a recruiter but he's not going to shut down Brady Hoke in the state of Ohio. Michigan is going to go back to a school that ships defensive and offensive linemen into the league. Look at Ryan Van Bergens progress in the last year. We'll be fine.


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The time to hesitate is through
No time to wallow in the Meyer
Try now they can only lose
And their program becomes a funeral pyre

Seriously though, I think it's a  really bad move for Meyer. 

First, the stress is not any less in Columbus vs. Gainesville/SEC land.

Second, he is unlikely to repeat the past success. He's a great coach though, probably one of the top 2 or 3 in the land.  But history of winning another NC is really slanted against him.  There a plenty of good coaches with good intentions who failed miserably in their second and third stints. And I can think of only one that did it in a second or third  coaching stint (Nick Saban).  So it's really rare.

On the other hand, OSU is basically an SEC-North school when it comes to discipline, doing things the right way and following the rules, so the 30+ arrests business that Urban Meyer presided over at Florida (and other examples at Utah as well) would not even raise an eyebrow in Ohio.  The NCAA and Big Ten might care, but there's zero evidence to suggest that they do care. Look at what Dantonio has achieved.   The NCAA sanctions of Ohio State's Tatgate affar are purported to be very mild.



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I think we should just quit football. We have no chance. We're just going to be another example of a #1 all-time wins team that can't compete. It'd be like if Roy Williams went to North Carolina. No way would Duke be able to compete.


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They can hire Urban Meyer or Ray Meyer or Meyer Lansky for all I care!  We have our coaches.  We have or players.   We are MICHIGAN!!!!


Stop this madness!  Please!

Go Blue! 

Marc 71

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His possible hiring will be the end of Urban Meyer.  He was fried mentally as well as physically when he left Florida (I have lived in Florida for the last 27 years and was able to follow it closely) and when he jumps into the Ohio State frying pan it will put him over the edge before too long.  He also brings plenty of baggage with him regarding the number of arrests under his watch and his well known desire to lower admission standards for his recruits.  He reportedly asked Notre Dame to allow him just one questionable recruit per year and when they refused he knew he couldn't take that job.


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I heard Herbstreet compare Urbans future success to playing against practice teams. wow,

I'm sure that set well with the rest of the league. Well,first off, he's not in Florida recruiting

Florida players and with the SEC's success as of late viaLSU Bama Georgia.....etc, I dont

think his recruiting success will be as great in the south as itwas at FloridaBut he may get a

foothold on Ohio but michigan will still do well recruiting here, he wont have all of his former

staff from Florida. And this is the Big Ten he has to win against. My opinion, from the middle

of Ohio in the belly of the beast Urban Meyer = "Buckeye Fail" Go blue!  


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Eh, I don't think he will have a problem getting recruits [though, one has to wonder how low OSU will let him stoop to get players].

I'm sure the 2 national championships in 3 years things will be flashy to potential recruits though.

Bottom line [for this thread]:
Urban Meyer to Ohio means Ohio will be good, and so will we.


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Herbstreit is a Buckeye, and also an ESPN colleague of Meyer. Of course he's going to hype Meyer.  Funny how he broke the Miles to Michigan story in 2007, but uttered nary a peep about Meyer to OSU.

I think Meyer's immediate success will depend on whether the NCAA has any credibility left whatsoever. IME, it has none since it took the failure to monitor off the table.  If the NCAA has any cojones and spanks OSU for its casual, I-dare-you-NCAA attitude, which it should, then Meyer's recruiting might be handicapped for a couple of years. Time will tell.


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I think that he is a great recruiter, but I am interested to see if the recruits respond.  The reason I say that is all you need to do is look at Florida.  Pretty much every player, and especially the parents, will have to ask are you in it for the long hall.  Are you here to represent Ohio for the next 5 to 10 years or are you going to retire again because of health problems and family life imbalance.  If I was a parent I really do not know if I could trust someone like that who just seemed to quit on his last team.  I also really don't know if I could trust him to keep the kids out of trouble.  He had 30+ arrests while the coach at Florida.  It really seems to me that he just is a scummy dude who left the Florida program when it was down because it was down.  I don't like the idea of negative recruiting, but in reality it might be extremely effective in this situation.  I don't know how any top recruit, who isn't automatically going to Ohio, would actually want to go into a situation like Ohio with a coach who doesn't have a trustworty word anymore.

Other than that, I actually really do not think that this is a good hire for Ohio.  I really do believe that they should have hired someone who is an authoritarian figure over the entire football program and would take control over everything.  I really do not think that he has the energy or the track record to be actually capable of doing that.  Yes it does bring instant name credibility, in some eyes, to Ohio, but it really doesn't solve the problem of the program being in complete lack of control.  IMO, it continues the trend that all Ohio cares about is winning.


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I said this on Twitter & I'll repeat it here: Urban Meyer had the Heisman winning QB Tim Tebow alongside a slew of now NFL starters & the nations #1 recruiting class sandwiched between 2 National Titles....he couldn't beat Michigan then, why so could he do it now at OSU?

(drops mic)


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I am absolutely elated that the seniors will not have to wake up in a cold sweat

for the rest of their lives, but I do have a question and I'm not sure where else to

post it:


Helmet numbers, jersey flags and and an female cheerleading team (sans tumblers)

are we petitioning to join the SEC?