Thoughts on Trey Burke

Submitted by GoBluePhil on June 10th, 2013 at 9:38 AM
Is it me or are all the talking heads just writing stuff about players just to create news. All the rumors, gossip, and analysis about Trey Burke not being big enough, strong enough, fast enough, can't play defense, and whose draft stock is falling is got me baffled. If all these other players in college were so great this past year why didn't they win all the awards, and lead their teams to the Championship Game. I don't know if Burke will be anything but a serviceable pro player or a perennial All Star, but the pundits seem to be more critical of him than any other player in the draft.



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The best college players don't always make the best pro players. Since 1992, 9/20 Naismith award winners have made an all-star game.  One of those was Jameer Nelson... -__-   The physical knocks on Burke are legit.  However, we've all seen that measurables aren't the most reliable tool when predicting success of draft picks (in any sport) either.


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This is exactly right. They aren't picking on trey, they are using historical trends and projecting less than greatness for him at the next level. It happens every year to college greats who don't have great combines. Sullinger, Hansbrough, Reddick... These guys were also amazing NCAA players.


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Jameer Nelson has been a legitimate NBA point guard, and has had a decent career.  He was stuck with glory-hog, ball-hog, and all around pig Dwight Howard as his main option for eight years, and has still managed 12.6 and 5.2 for his career.  

This year, after Howard got both his coach and GM fired before getting yet another coach fired in LA less than six months later, Nelson's numbers went up to 14.7 and 7.4.  I'm sure Burke wouldn't mind having nine solid years in the NBA, as Nelson has had.


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12 and 5 a game isn't bad, for an average NBA starter.  A 9 year career is an accomplishment.  But, do you think those are the numbers of an all star?  


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He was enormously successful in college as a non-prototypical PG (at least by NBA standards), so of course it's going to generate attention.  That's the price he pays for the success he had in college: additional scrutiny.  People are also a lot more critical of LeBron James when he has an off game (or an off half, as the case may be) than they are of guys on the bench.

Wee-Bey Brice

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Predicting the success of a player on the next level is all guess work in my opinion. Thats why these pro teams go through all the nonsense during combines just to draft a bunch of busts high and let someone else land the gems in the later rounds. It's almost impossible to predict off measurables or previous success.


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The Player of the Year is going to draw more criticism due to more media coverage. At the end of the day, we'll always cherish the memories he gave us here at Michigan.

Eastside Maize

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Lost in Trey's offensive prowess was the fact that he was in the top 5 in steals in the conference at 1.6 per game. Trey also had a fair amount of blocks for a guard his size as Peyton Siva attest.


June 10th, 2013 at 12:27 PM ^

Being a sickly individual right now, all I've done this morning is watch ESPN's coverage of the NBA finals aka LeBron's block. I can't help but ponder the alternate reality where Trey's block on Siva is called correctly, leading to a come-from-behind win for Michigan, one where that play becomes THE play of the year. Every other block would instantly be compared to Trey's, including LeBron's most recent.

Sadly, all I can do is ponder...

Steve in PA

June 10th, 2013 at 11:43 AM ^

They are nearly the same size with Burke actually being a little bigger.  Both left after their sophomore season.  Iverson averaged 22.9 and was Big East defensive POY.  Burke averaged 18.6 last year and was national POY.


Iversons ppg is higher because he too 200 more shots over the same 2 years.  % wise they ar almost the same.  Iverson became a ME guy or got worse about it in the NBA.  I hope that doesn't happen to Trey.


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The book is writen on AI. No help. No supporting cast (in his prime) he dragged the 6ers to the Finals by himself and won a game on the Lakers' home floor. Insanely competitive, very athletic, but a real chucker. 

If he had any real help in Philly they could've made some noise in the Finals


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The question we'll never have the answer to is could Iverson have gotten a supporting cast involved?  I'm not so sure he would have been happy giving the ball up even if it meant more team success.  But just a guess, we didn't see him with another good player until he was in Denver with Anthony and by then he was well past his prime. 


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I agree. AI can blow by anybody with ease but Burke sometime struggle against quicker or bigger defensive G.

What Trey excel is running the pick and rolls and is an efficient scorer, Pick and Rolls are a staple in the NBA offensive set and it should bode well for Burke in the next level.

To me, his pro comparison is Damian Lillard. Both are smallish PG who is an efficient scorer and excels in pick and rolls.


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It probably seems that way because you are reading more things on Burke because you have a vested interest in him being from UM and because he is one of the more covered players with all his decorations on his mantle


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Trey's calm demeanor reminds me a lot of Joe Dumars when he played. Unflappable. Steady. A true leader. Traits any team could use at the point. I'm really hoping the Pistons nab him! He will only get better in the coming years!


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I think Burke is a year or more from being a great player. He has a LOT of raw talent, and it seemed like he grew a lot during the NCAA tourney. Regular seaon I saw him make some msistakes that hurt team dynamics. There were points he "selfishly" pushed the ball into trouble and cost some important shot opportunities like he was trying to make everything happen alone. In the tiruney he really stepped up and the results support that. He started drawing attention and kicking out to McGary etc a lot more.
Ithelped that other players rose up, but in part it was the team play I didn't see in ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin losses.
By no means am I bashing the kid, but I can see how doubts could be justified if you didn't watch him progress with the season. He has some development ahead of him that should reward a team who takes that "chance" on him and can cultivate what he has inside.