thoughts on Tate Forcier's game

Submitted by Placentasaurus on September 4th, 2008 at 3:38 PM

Sorry if people are sick of talking about Tate Forcier but after watching some highlights (below), and after watching michigan play against Utah, I wonder how people think he will do. He said he was Tailor made for the Michigan offense, and after watching these highlights, w/ so many similar plays to what we ran last week, I can see what he means.

my thoughts:

 - his O-line sucks really bad, So it won't be a huge transition for him as opposed to a HS QB who thinks he can sit back there all day and pick apart a Defense. In a lot of these highlights Tate is forced to improvise either w/ his legs, or a mix of scrambling and finding receivers that were adjusting their routes. This was a huge problem for Threet and Sheridan. Whenever a play broke down you could chalk up a sack or a bad throw almost every time (the butler reception being the exception). 

- Tate gets rid of the ball really quickly, which was a problem for the michigan quarterbacks. In order to get the ball to receivers in space, you have to get rid of the ball really quickly. One of the only plays that worked out into the flat was the fake to the far side, and then sheridan came back to the other side. In a lot of these highlights Tate gets the ball out of his hands much quicker than threet or Sheridan did.

 - We have talked about his accuracy on the boards before, but when look beyond the numbers, a lot of these accurate throws are completed while on the run, either intentionally rolling out, or scrambling. I think this might be Tate's biggest strength at michigan. probably the one thing more frusterating than a running quarterback to a defense, is a quarterback that can run, but also a quarterback who can run, but at the last second throw an accurate strike downfield. how do you defend that? Right now if Threet/Sheridan tucks the ball they are running (poorly) and if they grip the ball in a throwing stance they are passing. that makes it pretty simple for defenses to key in on. Tate can tuck the ball and appears to take off only to throw it accurately downfield at the last second. Im not sure its something that you can teach effectively, but Tate has it.

 - (half joking) He apparently is a really good punter. I can completely See Rodriguez throwing him out there on 4th and short when they are around midfield and driving defenses completely crazy trying to figure out what will happen. Punt the first time, but then have him take off the second. Lloyd Carr, no way, but RR... he just might do it.

 -He seems to have that knack for avoiding the pressure, w/o tucking the ball, ala Tom Brady. Most "running" QB's have the instincts to just tuck the ball and turn up field. but I really get the impression that he has a great sense for when to run and when to stay in the pocket.

 - He checks off receives MUCH better than our current QB's, even w/o much time to do so.

 I realize this is a highlight reel, and every D1 kid has one that makes them look awesome. But the fact that his O-line is really really bad, and he still makes incredibly accurate throws and smart reads is encouraging to me. anyone else see other positives in comparison to our QB's, Or some major weaknesses that he will have to work on?




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I love Tate's videos, but honestly, I was more impressed by the Beaver video they had up on YouTube -- his line looked way worse than Tate's, and he still managed to complete a lot of long passes and avoid pressure.  Looks a lot like Dennis Dixon.


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It will certainly make for an interested beginning to the season next year. 1 year from now instead of debating which QB looks the least bad like we are today. We could potentially be debating whether or not we go w/ the experienced QB play of Threet/Sheridan, The Moderately experienced dual threat Redshirt Feagin, or the untested Dual Threat capabilities of both Beaver and Forcier: A QB Battle Royale. Has their ever been anything like that?

Emil Faber

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sitting near me last year could not believe the transformation between his Junior and Senior year.  They were wondering what he had been dipped into during the summer.  He had played baseball that summer and taken a lot of flack for not being on campus so he could work out and play catch with his receivers.  The Oregon folk were saying he should have played baseball every summer. 


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Obviously the highlight reel helps but I like his elusiveness and obvious arm strength.  Sheridan has nothing on this obviously.  I would love to see a full bit of game tape on him to see what his weaknesses might be as well.  I am stoked to have him coming to Michigan for sure.