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Submitted by Nosce Te Ipsum on January 6th, 2013 at 11:32 PM

I've been a Scout member for a while but I am finding that I can't handle the sheeple like mentality around there anymore. I'm not sure how Rivals or 247 goes but any outside information is taken down immediately which seems insanely childish. My biggest gripe with Scout is Tom [Beaver]. He seems useless and always tries to belittle members. Anyway, do Rivals or 247 offer a quality product with an intelligent forum for discussion? 

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Rivals seems more legit because the inside the fort column covers a lot of ground.I had them like 2 years ago and I find the recruiting posts on here to be more credible and interesting.


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I just switched over to scout today after being on Rivals. In my opinion Scout gets some news faster and you get a subscription to their magazine with a yearly subscription. Rivals has a better looking site, but I recently started to hate Mike Farrell's smugness over the past year. Plus Sam Webb is better than any other writer on Rivals.


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I hate Beav...I was on Scout for over 2 years, but got kicked off for making an innocuous post about how he hints at things, but he can't tell you what they are....and then they never happened. Apparently you can't accuse him of making up info, even though he published stuff by Maizeman religiously...that is until they discovered he was full of it.

Overall, I found I am not much out of any loop if you chill here, catch the Sam Webb podcasts, and know who to follow on twitter (not recruits obviously). 

Wilma Edwards

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Sam probably knows more than everyone else combined, and I hear they're phasing out the guy you don't like. The sheeple thing kind of comes with the territory. 

but why do you want any other message board anyway?

Nosce Te Ipsum

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Sam is someone with whom I have a great amount of respect for so leaving would be somewhat difficult but if the tail end of your first sentence is true then my main problem looks like it will be resolved. 


MGoBlog is my go to place for things but I like to discuss the interviews/articles they come out with and since that is the source of the information I figure it makes sense to do so there. 


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It was not unusal for Anison, an unpaid moderator and worth every penny, to get toasted and start libeling other members if they had the ¨audacity¨ to publicly questions his outright lies and unsubtantied claims. That will get you booted. But, in retrospect, I guess it's wiser on their part to side with a guy that will not only fetch their coffee, but also purchase it, just so hey can lay claim to being a moderator. They say he stepped down from the position, but in reality, I think he pissed off so many members that actually contributed, they decided it best to not let him roam the site muzzle free due to legal action that could have been taken by some of their members due to his affiliation, albeit strictly volunteer on his part.

Don't know too much about the other sites-visited scout briefly but not 247-so I can´t comment on them. Rivals has some good member with keen insight like Kevin Werner and a few others, but their mods don't really care for anyone who might have a better understanding of the game and the history of Michigan football than they possess. JMO, but stay away from there. Can get the same information here a day later anyway, so why bother paying for what you can read here?


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I'm pretty unimpressed by Scout, which seems to be by far the least thorough of any of the sites that cover recruiting, including ESPN.  Scout tends to overfocus on the glamor teams of the world and let the others fall through the cracks.  Michigan gets good coverage because Michigan is a big-time team.  Want to find anything out about most of the rest of the Big Ten?  Forget it.

24/7 is doing some excellent stuff but they're still kind of in a stage where the quality of their coverage depends more on the affiliate than the network.  They're trying to eat Rivals's lunch, and sometimes succeeding.  Some affiliates are great, some are the RCMB.

Rivals still has the best infrastructure for centralized coverage, I think.  Farrell shows his ass sometimes, but he's pretty well connected.  I trust Rivals' evaluations a hell of a lot more than Scout's.

Confession, though: I subscribe to the UVA sites, not the Michigan ones.


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In my opinion 247 is the best paysite.  There are extremely knowledgable Michigan posters on the wolverine homepage.  I like the format and it doesn't miss out or lag too much at all on the news/offers/etc.  It could definitely use more some more traffic though. 

You also don't need to pay as of now to be involved with a good majority of the content.  The juicy stuff is obviously VIP'd however most of the discussions are interactive without having to subscribe.  I would recommend subscribing to anyone who was thinking about it, I have not had second thoughts since doing so.  


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I think that Rivals is the best in the business. Scout's site layout is terrible and Sam Webb tweets out most of the breaking information anyways. Rivals has a ton of info and insiders on the board. Will Heineger (sp?) Is a member and posts on the board, along with 2 insiders on the staff and a guy who runs his own recruiting service. Those guys, along with the staff, provide plenty of information. I know people say that all of the info leaks anyways, but that's simply not true. If you're interested in a paysite, I recommend Rivals.


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Also, to make it clearer, I mean 2 insiders from the Michigan staff contribute, and their information, along with the information from the staff of the site, means plenty of information. Although, the information shared has been less than before as the proverbial fort has tightened. I'd also recommend waiting to start your subscription until spring practice if you're primarily looking for football information. It's mostly basketball coverage as soon as signing day is over.


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Who is it that claims they're on the Michigan staff on Rivals? I only ask this cause it would be a NCAA violation for them to go on a public forum and comment on recruits rather they're using a fake message board name or not.  I think that is a rumor that is circulated by Balas to get traffic on that site. I think Rivals has two people who try to portray insider status Dotman and Section 6 and to me neither of them know anything more than what you see posted on other sites. For your monies worth and truth plus  just being a cool guy Allen Trieu is the best in the business to me he doesn't blow smoke up anybodies butt just to get a story he tells it how it really is.


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Section Six is just a fan like me or you. He knew somebody in the regime when Carr was here and that was were he got his info. I do know that Schoefields dad has a account on there as well as a couple former players. It's pretty commong knowledge that the inside source for all these sites is Singletary he shares info with all the major sites through texting when kids commit. The only person who has a true staff member as a source from what I know is Sam Webb who has a friendship with Fred Jackson that allows him privy to certain info not shared by Singletary.


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I like espn bc it's stupid cheap if u use a discount code and u get a magazine. The magazine is awful and just huge but it saves me money on tp. I also like still reading TomVH


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In the OP, is the bracketed "[Beaver]" after the name Tom a way of calling tom a pussy? or is it just his last name. Either way, that's awesome.

Many bars/clubs charge cover to keep an undesired clientle out, and usually even a minimal cover charge does the trick. Besides being privy to more information, do these sites keep the immature and embarassing fans out? You know, the ones who "hope so and so gets injured" and cause meltdowns after losses. Or is it a haven for these psycho-obsessive type of fans who are more than willing to dish out cash for access?

I've never cared for any of the sites, I figure all the information will come out eventually. It seems like they do provide some careers and other opportunities for football players who are football lifers which is always a plus. If there is a demand, meet it.


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Besides being privy to more information, do these sites keep the immature and embarassing fans out? You know, the ones who "hope so and so gets injured" and cause meltdowns after losses.

Nope. There are immature, crazy posters on any site.

I was a premium member at Scout for over two years and eventually got tired of paying for the cliques, groupthink, circle-jerking and childish namecalling that took place. I can get all of that for free right here at cat pictures!

(Note: I actually like the cat pictures...oh, and Brian is kind of funny.)


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So I very much like that site and the fort (message board). MGB and Michigan's Rivals page are a perfect one two pinch. And as another poster mentioned, Sam Webb from Scout usually breaks his news on twitter regardless.