Thoughts on dealing w/ obnoxious fans from other teams?

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on September 28th, 2009 at 10:41 AM

I was sitting very near the IU crowd at the game and there were a couple of particularly obnoxious fans loudly talking a ton of smack during most of the game (though not the very end), basically taunting our whole crowd. I didn't say anything back to them b/c I thought the people around me would probably think I was just making things worse. I didn't threaten them w/ phyiscal violence b/c I didn't want to go to jail and b/c the better angels of my nature thought that it wasn't worth it to break a guy's arm over a football game...I don't mean to sound tough by saying that. Both of the guys were twigs...Anyway, the lesser angels of my nature were feeling pretty jealous of the fact that at an Ohio State game these guys would, at best, have had beer cups full of piss poured on them. At worst they would have been beaten up and then, when they complained, the police would have kicked THEM out of the game.

I'm interested in people's thoughts on this. Is there a good way to keep the Big House a civil place while at the same time not having to endure jackass opposing fans. Will the ushers remove people? Obviously we don't want to become like the animals in the Shoe, but at the same time it would be nice not to have to turn the other cheek for three hours while you're suffering through a game like the one on Saturday. At the risk of sounding like a cave man, it's hard not to want to defend one's turf.



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But there was some douche in the student section who was doing this weird thing with his hands/arms after pretty much every big play for IU... It got very annoying.

Does anyone know what that is? It was like his arms were 2 pistons go up and down...


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There were about 10-15 of them doing that in section 26 of the student section. Maybe it was for first downs or something? I remember ND doing something very similar when I went to South Bend last year.

Ron Swanson

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Can't tell you what song it is but they look really smart doing it...

Also the only problem I had was on the way home these 45 year old guys were saying how good their basketball team is. Classy. Good thing they came here to see a basketball game or they'd look like idiots.


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OP, what section were you in? We had a skinny little twerp who got up and shouted "You're going the WRONG WAY" every time Michigan took a penalty (or a 20-yard loss on a snap). He was pretty close to getting tossed over the edge of the stadium, I think, although everybody did tell the Indiana fans they were going the WRONG WAY as they made a quick escape from the stadium after the final interception.


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Were you by chance near the Indiana crowd in section 43 right behind the Indiana bench? I sat kiddy-corner to the most annoying MF I've ever had the misfortune of sitting by at any sporting event.


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Sounds like an usher could have helped. I was at the EMU game and there was someone trying to pump up the crowd. I heard no foul words come from him and all he was doing was trying to get people to cheer for the Maize and Blue and the usher came down an told him to sit. In spite of the heckling form me and others around me the usher brought in the police to get him to sit down and be quiet ( I felt terrible for the guy). I would think that if the ushers will do that to a hometown fan surely they would do the same to one of the opponents fans as well. Kudos on not beating them down I know that urge to shove a foot somewhere when dealing with these guys and as bad as you did not want to do it you did the right thing. The program does not need any neg publicity around fighting in the stands.


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Back when I was attending games (wish I could be there this year), I usually just yelled back. Then again, I sat in the student section.

However, if you are not the type to want to yell back, just smile knowing that it is a long drive home to Indiana for them.


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i ever saw a jackass fan handled was by the guy who sits behind my dad. the game was the 95 OSU game. some how 2 buckeye fans ended up with the tickets behind my dad and i. when we got our seats it was just the wife sitting there, and we were all talking to her and she was pretty normal. right before kickoff her husband came back and looked at all of us and said " are guys ready for the biggest ass kicking of your life today?". that prompted the guy who sits behind my dad to look at the OSU fan and says "you can root for your team all you want, but as soon as you start being an ass about it i'm going to kick your ass". that was the last we heard from the husband for the rest of the day, well tim going for 313 kind of helped. but the wife turned out to 10x worse than her husband she was swearing like a trucker throught out the game. we found out when the game ended that they had all ready bought and paid for there trip to pasedena but OSU still needed to win that game to go to the rose bowl.


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And I think that fans that go and run their mouth are some of the stupidest people in the world. I've been to PSU, UW (student section), MSU and I've never had a problem.

I just think that when you are in someone else's house you should do so with respect for both yourself and for your university and all of the fans that you represent.

This isn't to say that I'm not an asshole to opposing rival fans when they come to the big house but it's always good natured ribbing and not meant to be harmful.

People that act like that in opposing venues deserve to get their "shit pushed in".


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I usually read their comment and neg bang it.

If I am extra riled up, maybe text a few people I know and let them know a neg banging is going on and that they should join in.

Wait, was that the question?


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I like to yell back. I told Mr. Wrong Way that "No-one loves you!" but I don't think he heard me. Next up would have been a comment on his inability to satisfy women, but that probably would have gotten me in trouble.

I can definitely sympathize with being in section 9. They moved a big chunk of the away fans up there for some reason, but there's still a minority of michigan fans scattered throughout them. During a big rivalry game it's like you're at an away game.


September 28th, 2009 at 11:51 AM ^ like that everywhere. Ignore them as best you can, why stoop to their level?

Michigan fans have a reputation of being mostly knowledgable and civil. Why tarnish that by being just as big of a jerk?

Though I will say people that act like that probably don't care about our fan's reputation and deserve some retribution so I'd wait until after Michigan's kicked their ass and then let them have it. Even if we haven't won, when your team has the most all-time victories, there's always some good comebacks that usually do the trick.


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But it was certainly fun to loudly and openly discuss how IU is probably the most mediocre university in the Big Ten afterwards as we walked out of the stadium. Oh the resentful looks I got from the asshats who 20 minutes earlier were almost as obnoxious as Wisconsin's fans last year.


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I had three of them right behind me. It was awful - I have never seen more annoying fans from any team we've played. And that includes OSU/MSU; the fans for MSU last year portrayed less douchebaggery while beating us - they were great.

Normally I'm friendly with other teams' fans. These three didn't even get that a chance, and at one point my patience broke. They were going on about how Michigan sucked, so I turned and asked when the last time Indiana won the Big 10 championship.

I received a hand to the face (didn't actually touch me) and told to "shut up." That was actually satisfying enough for me. Some guy in front of me asked if they "majored in asshole," one of them actually took it and ran with it saying that he also "minored in dickhead."

I guess there's some in every crowd.

Captain Obvious

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douche in my section that would stand on top of his seat, turn around, and clap with his hands over his head facing the crowd after every positive Indiana play. I didn't say a word the entire game, but I wish I brought a camera for his reaction to the Odoms catch. Failed smugness tears are the best. Also, he caught an earful on the way out, which was pretty hilarious.