Thoughts on Cam Newton

Submitted by EZMIKEP on October 23rd, 2010 at 6:21 PM

I have been flipping back and forth between the Iowa/Wisky game and watching the Auburn/LSU game. I have seen one other Auburn game and seen many of Cams highlights. I think he is great and I love his size. I think he already looks better than TP and uses his size well. Definitely mature beyond his years. I am curious on peoples thoughts as to how well people on here think he would do in this system right now. Obviously good, but how good? 



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I'm pretty sure he is the same age a TP and IMO Newton is 100 times better than TP . I actually thought TP would turn out to play like Newton but he was a flop and Newton is a beast . He can run , THROW , and read a D ..


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So much Terrelle Pryor hate on this board...

...and yet he's completing 66% of his passes, has a 3:1 touchdown to interception ratio, and is the #12 rated passer in the country.

Oh yeah, and he wins a lot of games.

Michigan fans' biggest knock on him is that he looks kinda funny when he throws the ball.

I wish U-M fans could just admit that he's pretty good and then move on.


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However, he has a lot of talent around him too. Tuberville didn't leave a bare cupboard for Chizik. Having two good running backs like Fannin and Dyer can take a lot of pressure off a qb.


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When he is more mature. I wonder what kind of weight his frame will hold. TP added a lot of size the last 2 years, though he seems to have lost a bit on his first step/burst. As far as Newton I think he can take a lot more Big 10 hits than Denard but I also think he would get hit a lot more. It hard to get any good angles on an athlete like Denard. 

Nosce Te Ipsum

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You asked a question about Michigan quarterbacks, right? No? All of these posts about our QBs could've fooled me. Good God people. Cam Newton is the best QB in college football. He is much better than Denard.


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Cam newton is not much better than Denard. That is your opinion. You are entitled to that but Denard is a much more explosive player in my opinion. Cam Newton has more tools around him at the moment including running backs who are more of a threat than ours. I think Denard is a much better runner. Denard is a game breaker while Newton moves the chains. Newton also has more experience at the college level. I'd rather have Denard and it's not even close. 

Nosce Te Ipsum

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He may have more talent around him (that is speculative). The biggest difference is that he has shined in the big time games while Denard has totally crumbled. That is not opinion. That is a fact, unfortunately.


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Crumbled? That's very debatable. Denard had nearly 100 yards rushing in the first half against a good Iowa defense. He had one bad game against MSU. Newton has had a couple of those. I watched the Auburn-Clemson game, Newton was average at best. Threw a couple picks in that game just like Denard , only difference being Auburn's defense gives him more of a margin for error when it comes to making msitakes. I caught the first half of the Mississippi State-Auburn game as well and Newton didn't look impressive. Denard just jumps out when you watch him, his speed is on a different level than Newton.

A huge difference between Newton and Denard is that it's obvious that Newton plays on a better team. Their defense actually makes plays. Their running backs are creating more of a threat than Michigan's running backs and don't allow teams to constantly focus on Newton. We can't get big runs from our running backs eventhough teams are focusing their entire defense on stopping Denard. Auburn creates big plays like the 70 yard touchdown run by McCalebb when the defense takes away Newton's running option.


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And Cam has had more time to develop. I'd say crumble is a very very inaccurate description.  I would say he has Ice in his vain's considering the game winning drives on the road vs Indiana and Notre Dame. He  just couldn't get it done against  MSU because of mistakes. The kid has started 5 games up to that point. I'd say a true soph showed his youth. That kid made leaps and bounds in his game from last year to this year, so I am convinced next year will be another leap. 


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Cam Newton is very, very good. I just question his long-term prospect as a qb. but...he is clearly a gamer. check out his stats vs. arkansas, socarolina, lsu, beast mode engage.

A Case of Blue

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... Newton wanted PT, and he might not have been thrilled about the prospect of sitting behind Tebow for two years.  His ... uh, extracurricular activities just sped things along.

That said, I don't think FL fans are sitting around crying over Newton, that ship sailed long ago, and besides, they're far too busy cursing Steve Addazio to the skies.


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But he's a lot better than Denard right now. There's no question about that, so don't lie to yourselves. However, did you see him as time was running out? Humble much? Geez... This is why I love Denard. Not full of himself and a completely nice and humble guy.


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Cam Newton is a legit very good QB. Denard is a very good QB. At this point I find it difficult to differentiate too much between the two since Newton has had a much better defense behind him. I will say this, if we switched the QBs, do you think either teams record would be positively or negatively affected? Because I don't.