Thoughts on 2nd half/game

Submitted by UNCWolverine on December 31st, 2009 at 3:09 PM

1. I'll say this until Manny leaves Michigan, he needs to stop taking 3s, PERIOD:

a. He is not very good at 3pt shots.
b. His teammates are better at shooting 3pt shots.
c. He should drive and dish as he is the only guy on this team that can create open shots for other guys.
d. He should drive to the basket to create his own shot.
e. He will take at least one FUCKING HORRID 3 pt shot at the end of the game that just cripples our chances every game.

2. If Novak/Douglass play like they did the first 10 games we lose by 20+ today. Great job by those guys today. I think they will develop into very solid players before they are done.

3. Morris is a nice player but needs to find an identity on offense. Is he a slasher that should create? Should he work on his medium range, pull-up game? Should he work on his post game to take advantage of his height against other guards? I understand he is young but at this point he seems lost/confused a bit.

4. Anthony Wright - honestly, he just needs to go the fuck away.

5. Gibson is maddening. Some games he just looks great in the 6/7/8th man role. Others he just seems to bumble around causing turnovers, missing layups, etc.

6. I wish Sims had a little more killer instinct. That young man should have 15 and 10 at a minimum every game. Not sure I've ever seen a kid that has more talent that is that inconsistent. If he had Novak's mentality he would average 20 and 10 every game.

7. I love to see Vogrich in there. No matter how badly he plays he needs to get every one of Wright's minutes and a few of his own. This kid is the future of Michigan and he needs to start logging minutes and gaining confidence. JB and Michigan cannot afford to have a kid that fits the system that well not contribute even a menial amount his freshman year.

8. How do you not foul anyone other than fucking Opie in the last minute?



December 31st, 2009 at 3:42 PM ^

if i could, i would award you 4857297457158 mgopoints for #4. He really needs to stop being on the basketball team and/or realize that he should never EVER shoot the ball. I would prefer to have manny shooting a contested turnaround 3 from halfcourt off one leg with his eyes closed with 30 seconds left on the shot clock than to see Wright attempt a layup. I'm gonna stop before I get myself any angrier.

New Years resolution: stop getting so angry about things that i already knew were going to go wrong.


December 31st, 2009 at 5:19 PM ^

Thoughts? We're too immature and have no floor leadership.

Sims plays like he trying to kill his NBA stock on purpose. He looks like he lacks hustle, determination and focus.

Aside from that I really think Manny's horrible 3 and subsequent play where he let the IU defender just lift the ball out of his hands for a steal might have cost us this one.