Thoughts on #2 Michigan vs Eastern Mich

Submitted by goblue85 on December 19th, 2012 at 8:55 AM

Michigan plays Eastern tomm night at Crisler 830 pm BTN.  This will be last game before Christmas.  It says the game is sold out, which is kind of suprising to me will see.   Trey Burke is playing some great ball.   I would like to hope this is a game we can get some  game action for Spike and Caris and wouldn't mind play McGary and Max alot as well.  We will get the win to move 12-0 for best start since I was born 1985 lol. 






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Not sure why it would be surprising we're sold out.  We're the #2 team in nation, so Michigan fans, especially ones coming back home for the holidays, want to see them before Big Ten play (and pricing) kicks in, and we're also only a few minutes away from the school and fanbase we're playing.  That being said, I'd expect the student spillover sections to be quite empty anyways.


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I imagine a lot of parents have been asked by their kids to see a game- and now that school is getting out and the game is cheaper than future Big Ten games I don't think it's too surprising- it's great to see the excitement about UM Basketball again though!  Who would have thought 5 years ago we'd be receiving first place votes and be poissibly undefeated heading into Big Ten play to DEFEND a Big Ten title...

Thoughts: May not see as much rest from players as you would think since it is a slower week and players may not need as much rest.  Plus with Horford injury the big man rotation will stay the same as it has been.  Spike and Caris will hopefully see more time because we should crush Eastern- not because of break would be my guess.  Im also not sure you want to rest Burke too much- if he stays on fire I would want to keep fueling that fire and aim for 30-35 minutes especialyl knowing he will have time to rest after the game- let him stay hot.


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it is surprizing that we are sold out considering that only about a quarter of the upper bowl was filled during various BIG games during the Fab Five years forgadsakes.  Michigan selling out Eastern Michigan is notable, this state has basketball fever right now.

Blue Blue Blue

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at Madison Square Garden recently, they made the crowd seem fuller by blacking out the upper most tier.   I had to point that out to people with me, they had not noticed. 

havent been in the Center, but know the Arena could not have done it without a cheesy look.  I suspect the proper lighting is important.

really hard to imagine the full full place for Eastern.

we'll see tonight!


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Speaking as someone who was at the Eastern game in 1997, to see us lose in overtime one week after we beat #1 Duke, that really sucked.  That game was sold out as well but the students were home for Christmas and sold their tickets.  I sat in the upper bowl, which was about 70% Eastern fans and they took that place over. 

I'd prefer it if Eagle nation didn't take Crisler over again.  Has UM started their Christmas break yet? 


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Deep thoughts...

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At least for now a victory tomorrow would be more than dreck as Eastern Michigan is a top 100 RPI team (

Team's got to stay focused and take care of this next game.


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and will bring some fans plus I could get nosebleed tickets for under $15 to take all the kids. It would be more of a surprise imho if this game didn't sell out, or close to it. UM hoops is the most exciting sports product (not just bball) around here in some time and Trey Burke could be UM's highest pro draft pick since Jake Long.


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I'm thinking about not going to this because I have a lot to do. I have 2 seats in one of the first few rows and if your interested in buying my tickets, then my decision will be much easier to do the right thing and work. My email is [email protected], if you contact me tell me your from mgoblog.


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When Mgoblog is not working, who do you troll and downvote with your free time? (To distinct few who feel the need to belittle rather than just keep moving along. In one ear out the other.)


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Just for the edification of the board, according to ESPN, Eastern Michigan is 330th in average PPG at 57.2, 314th in average APG at 10.3, and 321st in average FG percentage at 38.7%. They lost 84-48 to Syracuse, and 74-48 to Illinois-Chicago just this past Saturday, with the former being their sole ranked opponent this year. If anything, my thought on this game is that I am not anticipating any problems.