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Submitted by Mgoczar on October 14th, 2018 at 4:19 PM

So, I hate to be right.

I previously posted that MSU will eek it out against PSU (once I get to a computer I can copy screen shot of my comment as proof or just search my post history). And lo and behold they beat PSU . 

Next I pretty much said M will dominate and win against Wisconsin in Sheth's FFFF piece where he made Wisconsin in Alabama. Heck I even went on with stephenjrking - noted poster here - you guys are welcome to double check that.

For my mental BPONE though , I just want some justification re:MSU. Specifically 

1. While OSU is explainable - superior talent- how the F does MSU beat top teams ? Are we discounting their talent (based on just recruiting rankings ?)

2. Lewerke is good. He's no Heisman candidate but he is clutch. Agianst how the F does MSU find these guys or develop them stretching back to hoyer days ?

3. Is their Oline really bad or is it perception ? And if bad how did it magically rocked agaisnt PSU? (Any game summary of that game as to why PSU that the bed would help, I ddint see it and refuse to see it as I hate dantonio alot)

4. Why do teams shit the bed against quarters D and if it's that great why isn't M running it?

Tl;Dr version: MSU good or lucky? If good then how do they do it ? I hate thier institution but I want to have similar guts (looks like M is getting there thoguh !)



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Not to be "that guy" but your comment reminded me of my favorite themed party from college.... a hurricane had just hit, and we threw a "Thots and Prayers" party - come dressed scantily clad or dressed as a religious figure.  There was plenty of both, but the most common was girls dressed as rabbis, and guys dressed as strippers.  it was 10/10 


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1. They play Tresselball because they lack talent. They try to keep all games close - this sometimes delivers them to upsets, but it also causes them to lose to teams they shouldn't have.

2. No. Lewerke is not good.

3. It's bad. They lack strength. They get bullied.

4. Quarters generally requires QBs to be very accurate - many college QBs aren't, especially under pressure.

TL;DR: Lucky (and also sometimes unlucky, because that's the life they chose). The stats show this.


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PSU's secondary dropped the ball in that game, literally. I can remember about 6 catchable balls being dropped with one of them on the final msu drive which would have clinched the win for psu. Also that felton davis catch where the ball was caught between his knees off a deflection. Did MSU use up all of their luck to beat penn state?


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Did MSU use up all of their luck to beat penn state?

I was literally thinking this watching the end. The takes have been "oh no, MSU got their shit together!" but that's obviously not true. They just used their supercharged luck weapon a week early. We will beat their ass, and then they'll start a losing skid to Purdue and OSU and miss a bowl game.


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Exactly. When you slow games down and make them close, luck will be on your side occasionally. Likely 50% of the time, in fact. I'm not saying it's easy to do that regularly. But that is basically the secret to Dantonio's success. Give him credit. It has worked. But he's also been curb stomped many times by teams with superior talent.


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I came here expecting some Jack Handy deep thoughts based on that title, and boy am I disappointed.  So to try and save everyone else the trouble, this is one of my favorites:

I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.


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Many teams do it when up against superior talent - it's an equalizer.  Problem is once the weaker team gets behind they have no Plan B to try and adjust to.  I expect this game with Sparty to be close for a half or so.  But once they start to crack a little floodgates could blow open.  Expect JH to take no prisoners.


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Luck can go in stretches.  No doubt luck has been on Dantonios side since he arrived in some of these big games.    Luck has been against MSU in a little of lesser games as well   Its just how things go when you play close games.  He has no magic or voodoo  Lewerke threw the ball right to Penn St several times in the 4th qtr.  The odds of not getting a game sealing pick have to be under 1%.

Who knows what the rest of the season will bring.  



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Your dead wrong. Lewerke is a VERY good QB.  He has a shit run game and a shit offensive line, and basically every win is because of him.

He can scramble.  He buys time.  He has above average accuracy and a pretty good arm.  Saying Lewerke is bad - well sorry you are not being objective and are a fairly bad analyst/scout.

That offense is complete shit around him.  He makes it serviceable alone.


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Yeah, and it's cheap, but honestly it's a smart play if you're at a school that doesn't regularly pull Top 15 recruiting classes. You're gambling on a bunch of teenagers, the vast majority of whom are not future NFLers, to make mistakes in close games more often than not. That's a really safe bet! Unfortunately, your team also has unprofessional teenagers, and you'll get burned by it too.