Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS...

Submitted by varney_go_blue on November 7th, 2009 at 10:38 PM

What I've seen posted and what I've heard by "Michigan" fans over the past few weeks really has my goat. If you want RR gone, fine. If you want all over coaches gone, fine. But ask yourself this question, why would any coach in the NCAA want to come coach at the greatest institution on the planet if he sees that a school will only give him 2 years to get it done? Don't you think our rep might be tarnished if we don't give anyone a chance. Refer to the subject quote and you might understand.

For God's sake, give the dude a chance. We face bad times and everyone is ready to run. "Oh, we should have got Les Miles. and Oh, we should have got Brian Kelly."

It all comes down to one simple fact and like I tell my dad every day. You don't have to be a Michigan fan. If you want to run when times are rough, we don't want you being a fan of Michigan. Go like some shitty school down south. "Those who stay will be champions" isn't just referring to the players and the coaches, its referring to you, the fans.

So start acting like Michigan fans and if you don't want to and you want to make excuses, good riddance.



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When your team is winning, be ready to be tough, because winning can make you soft. On the other hand, when your team is losing, stick by them. Keep believing.

-- Bo Schembechler


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Do you really want to preach to the choir all the time? I think RR is a good coach. Have I seen it yet? No, but I believe, given the oppurtunity, that he will field a great team in 2011. I say it to my family, friends and randoms all the time, "we cannot fire this man". However, when one is used to seeing a successful product for their entire life it's hard to face weekly dong punches to the soul week after week.

West Texas Blue

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Rich Rod isn't going anywhere for next few years. Now perhaps we'll starting winning and get back on track, or maybe we'll keep losing and suffer during a Dark Ages period. Nothing we can do; just hope things work out for the best.


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bad and you think the coach is to blame, you shouldn't criticize him. Because doing so means that your not a fan of the team. For example, I'm a Raider's fan and I've watched Al Davis fuck that team up so badly that it's not even surprising that the coach beats his wife. But if I thought that Al Davis was a retard, that would mean I've betrayed the Raiders.

Of course, the preceding paragraph, which accurately represents your position, is complete and utter bullshit. It only makes sense if you assume that one person, such as RR or Al Davis, is equivalent to the whole organization. That seems patently false. Did you think that Lion's fans owed it to their team to kiss Matt Millen's ass?


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When the Raiders are ever on the same level as Michigan.

BE A FAN. Yes RR is most of the blame for our "falling off the mountain" but take a step back before you run and hide is all I'm saying.

I criticize RR but I don't say stupid shit like "well I'll just not watch any more football games this season and move on to hockey and basketball". I will watch every game, every season for the rest of my life.


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There have been numerous high quality posts on why we should not be abandoning the football program. Everyone here has read them. Posting the same basic thing over and over again will annoy, not reinforce.

Also, we aren't here to form a party line that is rigidly adhered to, because we are neither a fascist nor Stalinist organization. Therefore, we are allowed to debate things.


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I think everyone saw this team at reasonably 5-7 preseason (I did) and the "at best" situation was maybe 7-5 and some random Insight Bowl (or whatever). September geeked everyone up...and now it's "off with Rodriguez. You're absolutely right about coaching quality...if you're not willing to give someone with RichRod's pedigree 4 years then you might as well hope you somehow find the next Tressel in D3...because nobody with credibility would be coming to Michigan. We could rename put under the sign "The Arkansas of the North".

Keep up the good work.


November 8th, 2009 at 12:32 AM ^

You say that no coach would want to come to Michigan if we fired RichRod after a year but if there is a coach who is too afraid to come to Michigan because he is scared that he may get fired too soon is that really the guy you want anyways. Do you really want the guy who is not really confident enough to think that he may not be successful at Michigan.