For those of us in Dallas....what are your plans?

Submitted by los barcos on September 1st, 2012 at 12:08 AM

The title says it all, more or less, but I am curious to hear the MGOboard's plans for the game tomorrow. I am also new to Dallas / Jerryworld so not sure how the tailgating scene works. Any general information would be greatly appreciated. Some quick Google search information: College gameday starts 8 am central.... UM Dallas says there is an official pre-game tailgate at some place called "Humperdinks"..... Gates open at 4 central

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Wake up about 8, hit hotel resturant for a gut-bomb of a breakfast. Sausage, bacon, cheese, eggs, grease. It will help lubricate the inevitable hangover.

At 9, return to the room and flip on ND-Navy while getting ready for the day. At half-time, find a respectable place to finish watching the game and have lunch near transportation to JerryWorld.

At noon, go and immerse yourself in the incredibel culture that is already built up and will continue building up. Try to find the ESPN broadcast area. And remember - on college football Saturdays, 5 PM moves up to 11 AM.

Spend the afternoon watching games at every tailgate with a satellite TV, playing corn-hole with Bama fans and see if you can find any moonshine. They'll have some. They're Bama fans.

Enter the dome at least 1 hour before kickoff.


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My Father flew out to Dallas for the game this morning from Grand Rapids and he said more than half off his plane was people wearing Michigan shirts and people were playing Hail to the Victors on their phones and stuff.   


....sorry, that was random. 


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Get up early, grab breakfast at Denny's, try to find some cool activities with the Dallas club/watch early games.

Anyone by chance driving to the stadium, who wouldn't mind a few carpool guests?  My Dad and I are staying at the Red Roof near the DFW airport.  We'd happily chip in $

If so, send me an e-mail: [email protected]

Go Blue!


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In a L Quinta Laying here at 330am...can't sleep and too keyed up for game! Gonna get up and eat a free..hopefully decent...breakfast. Watch Navy pound ND ass for a little while the head over to Rangers lot J to try and get a good tailgate spot bout 11. Hopefully there won't be massive lines to get in which I feel there will be hence the early time. Once in set up generator...directv.. flat screen...tent and smoker and watch afternoon games while smoking some yardbird and sucking down beers and margaritas!! Feel free to stop on by!! GO BLUE!!


September 1st, 2012 at 8:06 AM ^

Of the Hilton Lincoln center. Drinking a Starbucks iced coffee red eye. Reading MGoblog in my iPhone. Hydrating. Researching effective bug sprays. Talking to Bama fans. So far, nothing but respectful southern folk. Rocking my new Adidias sideline polo. (side note, anyone know where mden is set up?) eating a big greasy breakfast. Couldn't sleep. Worked out at the hotel gym. Dropped the kids off at the pool. Double flush. Quick Walmart shopping for tailgate in lot ... 10? 11? Making sure I pack my tickets.


Rambling. Go blue!

Cardinal Sin

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First, we went to Christie's on McKinney Ave. and met Drew Henson. It was packed and we shared a small table with him and some of his friends. What an incredibly friendly guy! Introduced himself like we had no clue who he was. He told us how excited he was that the team finally made its way down here. Also saw Remy Hamilton, but didn't get a chance to talk to him.