Thomas Rawls Eligible?

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Thomas Rawls will announce his decision on the 31st of January, it's between UM and CMU, although he doesn't have a Michigan offer yet.

That might change next weekend when he takes his official visit to Ann Arbor. Rawls has refused to reveal his new ACT score, because he wants to surprise people on the 31st. I think he'll inform the coaches next weekend that he has qualified, and then he'll get the offer that Fred Jackson has been DYING to give him.

Then of course he'll accept and become part of our class, and I for one would be thrilled. If you haven't seen his senior highlights, shame on you. Link below.



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Do you think his low-ish rating on sites and lack of other offers has to do with his grades?

And I think it also affects his rating that there are a lack of midwest scouts, especially with rivals.

Action Jackson

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has him as a 3* and has this to say about him: 

"Rawls should be seeing his recruiting stock rise in the near future. He is a physically imposing back with good downhill attributes. Hits the hole with authority and flashes good downhill burst and momentum. Quick to see and hit the cutback.

A decisive and aggressive runner who is constantly heading North with square shoulder pads and good lean. Displays good explosive out of his cuts and can change speeds to elude. Quick and with some fast-twitched bust in his movements. Does not have real loose hips but can redirect sharply and jump-cut the first defender through the hole.

Keeps his legs driving through the hole and runs behind his pads with a strong base. Breaks a lot of first contact and runs hard with good determination and second efforts. A solid, sturdy runner who is difficult to knock off balance. Runs low to the ground and dips the shoulder through traffic making it difficult to get clean shot on him.

Shows an extra gear and when he breaks free into the second level to separate initially but does not project to have ideal long-speed or great elusiveness as a major college back. Breaks consistent first contact but did not see the pile pushing power we were expecting. Competition at times appears inferior.

That said, we still feel like Rawls can contribute as a downhill runner at the major college level and is falling under the radar. Not overly flashy but this guy can pound it between the tackles and move the chains."

They have his 40 time 4.70, shuttle was 4.69 and his vertical at 31.7 inches.

Definitely would be a nice addition. Plus it would give Michigan  the Flint pipeline.Lost out on Ingram a few years back. Flint Area always seems to have a few nice backs.Speaking of the Flint area is Justice Hayes 100% commited to Michigan? Blue cant afford to lose him.


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I couldn't read the entire article because Im not an insider, but that sounds like a pretty positive article IMO. He will definitely be a good get regardless.

And yes Justice appears to be 100% Blue. As we speak, he is probably trying to recruit others on their official visit.


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But the Detroit News -- where Sam Webb is a featured recruiting expert -- ranks Rawls as the...39th best prospect in Michigan. Behind players of CMU/EMU caliber.

Just noting.


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Their H.S. writers wrote that. Sam didn't have any input on that. I have seen Justice and Thomas play in person plenty of times. Thomas is very much equal to Hayes in ability and potential. In fact if I had to pick one, it would probably be Rawls. There was a better running back on Grand Blanc's team which is why Justice was getting a lot of run at slot dot before he broke his wrist.