THJ Apology to fans/alum

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This tweet was just retweeted by Tremendous Twitter account. Glad to see the maturity in this young man.  Hope he is right.


Would like to apologize to our fans, alum, UofM, and all of wolverine nation for the performance displayed lastnight. Will not happen again.

— Tim Hardaway (@t_hard10) February 13, 2013



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Dang.  This reminds me of Denard's apology after the Notre Dame game this year.  They both played poorly and Denard played much better the rest of the season.  Hopefully THJ can pull it off too and get us to that final 4!


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This team played, not just 4 games in 11 days, but 4 brutally physical games.  These games weren't played against the soft underbelly of the Big Ten, and none of the losses were to Illinois or Iowa.  This team is exhausted right now and probably more disappointed in their performance than any of the "fans" ripping them; who haven't spent one minute practicing, preparing or playing for the actual team.

This loss, on the heels of the Badger mugging, is ass-flavored horribleness.  Don't take it out on our team.  Let's just sit back and enjoy the ride and see where it takes us.


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To all ye with your panties in a bunch...take a breath and realize that no one said he "owes" an apology.  The kid is stepping up and accepting responsibility for performance below abilities.  He isn't short sighted (as some chest thumpers here) to think that Michigan basketball begins and ends with the players on the floor.  This is Michigan.  Students and players came before and will come after; it's nice to see that our kids have an understanding of Michigan and not just the "I" in team.


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I'm pretty sure THJ wasn't scrolling through mgoblog before posting his tweet.  The notion of "he doesn't owe an apology" was just an out-of-left-field strawman created by some here, seemingly offended that THJ would even feel like apologizing for a bad game.  

In short, let a kid be a responsible kid who can accept responsibility for falling short of his own goals.  No need to make excuses for someone not asking for them.  


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As a fan, I don't feel like I was owed an apology, but I like seeing THJ stepping up and taking the responsibility. With Novak/Douglass gone, I feel like there's been a gap in leadership this year, and THJ needs to be the one to step into it. This is a step in the right direction.

Blue boy johnson

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This game was difficult to watch but I can't say I am overly surprised at the outcome. M followed the same trajectory as OSU spaced only by a couple of days.

OSU loses heartbreaker to M on Tuesday on the road, plays IU on Sunday and lays an egg, nothing in the tank, so of course it looks like they didn't give a good effort. Ditto for Michigan, heartbreaking loss at Wisconsin, nothing in the tank for MSU last night, and a blowout results.

Thanks for letting us know your thoughts THJ but no apology needed on my end; I know the collective results and perceived effort will be much better going forward.


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You probably aren't reading this, but if you are stop reading the comments section here until after you're an alum and fan like the rest of us.  That said...

This fellow Michigan man appreciates the spirit in which the apology was proferred, but you have nothing to apologize for.  You've represented my university with class on and off the court.  You guys didn't play well last night but you and the other 12 guys on the team have done more for Michigan basketball in the last 3 years than any of us have done ever and I appreciate the journey you've taken (last night notwithstanding.) 

Bottom line is that after all you've done, any 'fan' questioning your heart or character owes you guys an apology.  Keep working hard and I look forward to seeing the team in Atlanta in 2 months.



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Reading this makes me feel like a piece of shit for ever doubting that they play with heart every time they step on the court. We all have our off-days at our jobs. It just so happens that sometimes it happens to athletes, too. Timmy doesn't need to apologize to UM nation, we need to apologize for not doing anything but supporting the team no matter the wins and losses. This is a damn good basketball team and I'm ashamed that I've ever spoken an ill word against it. They're not perfect, but they're my team. To echo Timmy - it won't happen again. I'm going to support these guys no matter what.


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We all have off days, I was upset like every fan, coach, and player, but the sun rose today.  There's nothing left to do but carry on.  The next opportunity comes Sunday when Penn State visits Crisler.


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He wants fans to know he cares. He's helping set his mindset and the teams for when they play again. Sports are wayy more mental than anything. Having the correct outlook on things is positive. The team can lick their wounds and come back fighting or pack it in. He sounds like he wont let this happen. It's a tweet its all part of college athletics. THJ wants to say it let him. Good for him for stepping up and doing what he feels he has to do to carry them.

PB-J Time

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I agree with many posters that he doesn't HAVE to aplogize, but I appreciate the maturity he shows by recognizing a bad (understated) performance last night and acknowledging it while striving to do better. I like this.

*However, the last U-M player I remember doing a public mea culpa after a big loss was Tate Forcier so...about that maturity thing*

814 East U

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I do not understand the team is tired bit. These are young men who are in tip top physical shape and some of them wish to play in the NBA next year. I can agree that they may be mentally tired, but they aren't playing back to back games. Every team is tired. Are we just "more tired"? Does anyone realize that we have to play in the BIG and NCAA tournaments when rest between games in one day (on the weekends)?


February 13th, 2013 at 3:39 PM ^

I think a lot of the tired talk concerns the freshman.  They were playing in high school just last year, and it's possible that the grueling B1G schedule is wearing on them a bit.  When you're playing in the best basketball conference in the country, I imagine you'll break down a little.

UofM Die Hard …

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1. @ saint in blue..shut up


2. Appreciate the tweet from him but no need for an apology from THJ, we all know it just wasnt the teams night.  It happens, see Duke, see Florida.  Hopefully they rest up and finish the last stretch like the team we know they can be...oh and lets kick the crap out of the spartans March 3rd






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It's true that we, the fans are not owed an apology - which makes it all the more meaningful that we got one. Also, that he waited a day to do it shows he meant it, and that it wasn't a heat-of-the-moment remark. (Would be nice if some of our own posters possessed such a deliberate temperament.)

You know what else we aren't owed? Performance. They aren't playing for you. It's not about you. The team plays for each other. When the team plays well, consider it a privilege to behold. I don't care if you think being a fan or donor or season ticket holder entitles you to something. If you think that, you're wrong. If you don't like the team's performance and can't restrain the urge to open up about it, don't watch. Get a hobby and shut the hell up. Someone else will be happy to fill your seat.

Kudos THJ. Go Blue.


February 13th, 2013 at 4:52 PM ^

The fact that he did this is awesome. The fact that a lot of fans think they deserved it tells me that fans are brain dead. I love this team. Love every guy on it.

I understand that it's quixotic to try to drill this into people's heads, but it's SPORTS. It is a GAME. It is five young men running around trying to put a ball through a cicle more times than five other young men. DO NOT LET THIS DEFINE YOUR HAPPINESS.

Yeah, I hate losing. Yeah, I enjoy a little bit of gloating and schedenfreude when we win. It is still a game.


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While THJ doesn't owe an apology, it shows the difference in character between him and others that he would apologize, especially in the age of entitlement.

Cold War

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At first this did seem sad and unnecessary. But reading the thread, I do believe it's a positive thing. He probably feels better owning it and it could be helpful moving forward.


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I love Michigan just like everyone on here! But screw the apology!

If you want to be a top 5 team you need to prove it. We played great teams in Indy, MSU, Wisky and Ohio. We went 1-4!!!! Though test these games but showed me we are not quite there yet.....

Go blue of course but save the apology and put it on the court!!! I am still pissed about Tuesday night! Sorry Novak to waste your trip!!!