THJ and Trey to play on same team for BBVA Rising Stars Game

Submitted by Piston Blue on February 6th, 2014 at 7:56 PM

They were selected in the 3rd and 4th round of the game's draft, featuring only 1st and 2nd year NBA players. They will play for team Webber (yes that Webber).

Anthony Davis and Damien Lillard were the first picks going to Webber and Grant Hill respectively, and if anyone is interested anymore Piston big man Andre Drummond was selected in the 3rd round by Hill. The game will take place on the Friday of the NBA All-Star Weekend.



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Team Webber will reunite (a) former Michigan teammates Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway, Jr., (b) former AAU teammates and long-time close friends Trey Burke and Jared Sullinger and (c) former Ohio State teammates Jared Sullinger and Victor Oladipo.  

Team Webber missed out on reuniting former Syracuse point guard Michael Carter-Williams with his old backcourt mate Dion Waiters.


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I sense there there could be a team that could suffer at the hands of an awesome backcourt if Burke and Hardaway are simply allowed to be themselves. Sounds like it will be worth a look-see definitely. Hopefully, it will be a glimpse of old times at least on a few possessions. 


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I'm proud that there was only one Dumars-bashing post here.  We're making progress!

This is great for both young men and the school as well.  There's a real chance UM will have two of the top 5-7 rookies in the league this year, which is huge both for the school's NBA ties as well as its reputation as a "good" feeder school to the NBA for kids who don't necessarily see themselves as 1-and-dones and actually give a crap about going to class and (maybe) getting a degree out of it if they want.

Wolverine Devotee

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Looks like MGoBlue has to mention Webber now.

Also: the University photo store is selling a photo including Webber for the first time in who knows how long. My guess is pre-sanctions.

Should be interesting.

Mr. Yost

February 7th, 2014 at 9:13 AM ^

I'm WAY more excited for this game than I am the actual All-Star Game.

I hope the University of Michigan responds in appropriate fashion.

We don't have to slurp any member of the Fab 5, but it's time to at least acknowledge them and let the FANS and ALUMNI choose if they wish to celebrate them or not.

We don't need a bunch of ceremonies and shit...but they can have a part of Crisler like Cazzie does...for those that wish to visit and relive the days of the Fab 5. If you're not one of those people, then just continue walking --- no harm, no foul.

I hope they cover this game with Burke and THJ in extraordinary fashion. Both players deserve it and should not have this AWESOME story caught between the pissing match that came before them and is over in the eyes of many.


February 7th, 2014 at 12:09 PM ^

Burke is in the Skills Challenge (aka who's the bestest point guard).  Hardaway is with his dad (and someone from Chicago's WNBA team) in the Shooting Stars Challenge (aka the most boring game of HORSE you'll ever watch).

My above joke aside, the Shooting Stars has an awesome roster (each team is an NBA player, a retired star, and a WNBA player).  Hardaway with his dad, Steph Curry with his dad, Bosh + Dominique Wilkins, and Durant + Karl Malone.  Personally, I think it'd be cool if they did an all families one next year.  Hardaway, Curry, Robinson (if he goes pro), and...somebody else.  Doc Rivers' son plays for New Orleans, right?  Throw them in there.  Or better yet, drop the shooting stars entirely and have a dads vs. sons 3 on 3 game (I don't care that it would probably be horribly one sided, the commentary would be inevitably hilarious).