There seems to be a press conference forming at OSU

Submitted by MGoCali on August 22nd, 2018 at 3:40 PM

Urban Meyer's wife Shelley arrived, and there are a few mentions that the alumni house is gearing up for a press conference today. 

Also, I learned that Clark Kellogg is a trustee.



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Here's what I posted yesterday...maybe they did find something?


If the BOT found more dirt about Meyer through the investigation, they obviously do not want to put it down on paper and make it subject to FOIA guidelines.  They will want to sweep it under the carpet and would probably go to Meyer and tell them what they had.  Even if it was a fireable offense, they will not terminate him.  They will go to Meyer and cut a deal...something along the lines of announcing a six-game suspension.  Meyer would then publicly announce that it is unacceptable and he will resign to pursue other opportunities.  The school and BOT look like they really take these issues "seriously" and they do not have to announce the discovery of other infractions.  Meyer can go find another job without penalty or having the NCAA institute a show clause for other schools dumb enough to hire him.  The alumni are generally happy because they did not fire Meyer and they can come off as "high and mighty" even though they remain dirty as hell.  

This only happens if other, really bad stuff is found by the investigation members.  I'm not a PR professional, but this would probably be the spin strategy that any decent PR sleaze would recommend.

Hold This L

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I'm really not sure what to make of this. Even the people at 11W don't really know if this is good or bad. I'm gonna be safe and assume its for his reinstatement. Don't wanna get my hopes up.

Ty Butterfield

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This is low even for OSU. At least wait until 24 hours after the board meeting to rubber stamp his reinstatement. That way it looks like the university president is at least giving a final review etc. 


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If we are to trust this osu insider, it looks like the president is going against the BOT/Meyer. Looks like he is trying to live up to his billing as a serious dude.

CliffsNotes version (from what I've been told): Ohio State's BoT wants to reinstate Urban Meyer immediately. University president Michael Drake is balking at that; wants Meyer to serve a suspension. Meyer refuses to serve suspension since he thinks he did nothing wrong. #Buckeyes

— Dave Biddle (@davebiddle) August 22, 2018


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Yeah - wife there = no punishment.  It doesn't even bug me that he's OSU's coach - it just pisses me off when an asshole doesn't get his comeuppance.

KO Stradivarius

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Yeah, but in this case they need to show that they are really, really, this time for sure, they are definitely going to make sure this never happens again, and all of the things they are going to to do in the near future to make sure that DV is reported, start the healing process, etc.  Which they would do anyway, and they should, but this is why his wife is there, to give female credibility to their dog and pony show. 

I predict they will name Shelley Meyer to be the new "THEEEE OSU Domestic Violence Czar".  


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Got to respectfully disagree with this one.  A wife comforts when you come home fired.  She is much more likely to be paraded at a press conference in support of her exonerated husband acting slightly humbled than to be dragged into walking out the door in embarrassment.