There is now advertising in Michigan Stadium

Submitted by Bando Calrissian on September 4th, 2011 at 4:53 PM

As I've said over and over again, I borrow a line from Sam Walton. He said that if you don't know what to do, ask your customer. All of the research and input we've gotten from our customers is that they really don't like or want [advertising] as part of their game-day experience inside the stadium, and I respect that.

-Dave Brandon, December 2010

Yesterday, amongst the first things I noticed when I entered the stadium concourse were ads for StubHub and Marathon Oil plastered on all four sides of the columns in the concourses.  Every time I went in and out of the concourse yesterday, there were folks standing in front of them with puzzled looks and/or cameraphones at the ready.

We've crossed the rubicon.  How long until these things make it inside the bowl?



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Sure, why not?  In fact, since the concourse advertising seems acceptable, lets advertise everywhere!  Maybe we could even get some of them scrolling banners along the sidelines like at European soccer matches!  That would be awesome.  Wouldn't take away from the traditional experience at all.  Corporate America, F- yeah!



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I think when Brandon said inside the stadium he meant literally inside the stadium.  He's not going to put it where you see it while at the game, but within the grounds is apparently fair game.  Hell, if you are including just in the grounds what about the Big Boy tent for concessions?  Does that not count as an advertisement?


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Its a difficult and fine line that we have to walk here.

Absopure provides the water stations in the stadium, and they have their signs up dont they?

MDen has stores in the Big House dont they? (Dont get me wrong, I love MDen and I realize that it is not even close to the same as StubHub, etc.)

Arent there dominoes and hungry howie's signs in the concourse as well?

My point here is, that although I see these things as very very separate, Dave Brandon probably doesn't make that distinction. He probably thinks that as long as its outside the bowl its ok. 

I disagree with him, but as long as it doesn't continue to get worse, I'll survive. 

Bando Calrissian

September 4th, 2011 at 8:55 PM ^

Because a Coke is a Coke at the concession stand.  Absopure water is Absopure water.  The Mister Spot's stand is Mister Spot's.  MDen is Mden.  It's all available in the concourse, and the way in which it is presented is identifying the product you're buying right there at the stand.  

Marathon isn't selling a gallon of gas in the concourse.  StubHub isn't selling a ticket at the program stand.  Marathon was being presented as a sponsor of Michigan Football.  As was StubHub.  There's a difference there.  

Listen, if you don't think it's "inside" Michigan Stadium, that's fine.  That's an interpretation I'm willing to accept, because there's validity there even if I don't share it.  But there's a difference in how those signs are presented, on wall space without a product being sold behind/underneath it, than something at a concession stand or retail location.

What I'm worried about isn't the presence of the advertisements in the concourse, per se.  I'm just concerned about how it will be used to justify policy down the line.  It's little steps that will lead to the fuzzy curly fries on the sidelines.  And, except for OMG Shirtless, apparently, there's no one asking for that.  

My apologies if I'm unduly speaking for fellow MGoUsers, but it seems to me Michigan fans have been pretty consistent over the years in resisting advertising in the stadium.  

Bando Calrissian

September 4th, 2011 at 5:28 PM ^

Yet let's look at it this way:  2 years from now, DB gives an interview saying "Well, we put ads in the concourses, outside the bowl, two years ago, and our research from our great fans seems to show that this isn't as important to them as we thought.  So we've decided to try some things with the scoreboard."  Discussion of market, brand, value, revenue streams, etc.

And all of the sudden you have your Belle Tire replay and "3rd down brought to you by Coca-Cola."

I'm just pointing it out.  If this is a small step that leads to the justification of the big step we all -don't- want, it's worth bringing up.


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I just don't see this as that big of a deal.  I didn't even notice them yesterday.  Like others have said, there are Hungry Howies and Absopure signs all over the place already.  I just don't want to see a "Bell Tire first down" or a hot dog race.  The game day experience has not been changed at all by what has been done.


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It's not like they're wearing a european soccer uniform.  Sometimes I wonder if some of the traditionalists think that we should still be wearing leather helmets just because Fritz Crisler didn't need safe equipment.

Michiganian for Life

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Honestly folks.  I know there is a contingency of you out there looking to score points againts Dave Brandon at every turn, but this is getting silly.  This type of advertising is nothing new, and nothing brought on by Dave Brandon.  Some of you really need to get a hold of (and over) yourselves.



Bored of the pointless cheap shots agains our athletic director


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Umm, this IS advertising inside the Big House, except for a very narrow definition of "inside". And Brandon specifically said "no ads in the Big House". The point is that ad space is being sold to capture eyeballs that have already passed the gate. These are not signs for products being offerred, they're just ads. Maybe you don't care, but these are new. And if you DO care, there's nothing wrong with criticizing Dave - this was his decision.


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Michigan fans are very vocal, and are often vocal in MOBS. If the people who don't like it e-mail the AD or Brandon directly, I'm sure they would listen. However, be prepared for a smartass answer from them claiming it helps supports the other supports or the beautiful scoreboards.


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Michigan has advertised in Crisler for years. Never once heard a complaint about it.

Michigan Stadium is not a holy land. Anyone who treats it as such is making a fool of themselves.